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Why we should have a long term vision in 2020?

What new hobbies have you been indulging in lately?

While we usually only look at hobbies as fun tasks that fill up our free time, there is an extension of our personality and say a lot about our goals and ways we achieve them.

The whole world seems to be using 2020 as a slack year to cope with the struggles, huge losses and is looking for a temporary solution to help them keep afloat.

However, just the saying goes

'Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.' While everyone is looking for a temporary shade to hide under, this is your time to brave the storm and plant a tree.

Leaving you with advice alone would be slightly evil on my part. It is a fact that for a dream to come true to life, immense hard work, as well as planning, is required. What a lot of rags to riches stories or start-up success stories miss is the amount of discipline and focus they brought in their lives. So here are some reasons why this might be the right time to start sketching up your plan to possible world domination.

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Goals >

What does it mean to have goals and complete them?

A pretty overused word in the business sector, Goals. The most trivial explanation can be an analogy to a To-Do list. Setting a goal is not very different from setting up a task in your to-do list and completing it before the deadline. Your business plan is not going to be a simple task though. Set smaller, realistic tasks for yourself in an order that will lead to accomplishing your goal at the end of the time period you are aiming at.

Future >

Warren Buffet once quoted :-

“You do things when the opportunities come along. I've had periods in my life when I've had a bundle of ideas come along, and I've had long dry spells. If I get an idea next week, I'll do something. If not, I won't do a damn thing.''

This quote emphasises the importance of taking the time to understand your business and developing a clearer vision for it. Times right now will not motivate you to do something different and taking a risk at such high stakes might not seem like the best idea, but it is that risk that will set you apart from others who are simply trying to extract a monetary profit without the love of business.

Another great quote by Warren Buffet is

“Risk is not knowing what you're doing.”

Find a quote that you most relate to at-


Do what you love

Knowledge >

If every other person has a start-up idea or a new business, what will set you apart from them, especially when you are ready to give it all? It is said that the true worth of a person is known when he opens his mouth to speak. So, use this time wisely to expand your knowledge and information, regardless of field, or the boxed expectations of your job description. Whatever skill you learn will never go to waste.

Nothing imparts knowledge better than some good biographies, here is a list of biographies that will help you introspect better: https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/business-biography

Discipline >

As aforementioned, discipline is a key part of building motivation and becoming closer to your goal. It is important to cultivate a specific morning or evening ritual to help you focus your mind towards your goal. Maybe it's meditation or saying a small prayer, or even just sitting silently without your phone around.

Make sure to focus yourself every day and not eventually become tired of the ritual but use it to battle any adversities you face.

Focus everyday
Focus everyday

Thought Vs. Done >

How many times did you think about some really cool idea but didn't think too much of it and now someone has turned that thought into a life-changing success story?

If you feel like this often, assess your actions carefully and take note of what all things you actually tick off your task list. Maybe lack of creativity isn't holding you back but lack of motivation to act on it is.

So get planning for the long term and don’t get discouraged or frustrated by the fog you see in front of you now, for it will clear to reveal an adventure you must be ready for!

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