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Why social media has become an echo chamber?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Noun: echo chamber; plural noun: echo chambers

An environment in which a person encounters only beliefs or opinions that coincide with their own so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas are not considered.

Sounds a bit self-centered, doesn’t it?

Pampered by social media, only showing you what you love, only giving you suggestions that you would simply adore.

A depiction of echo chamber

Imagine a world, where there are no debates, the world where nobody opposes politicians.

For example, let’s take a sport; football. If all the members in a family are fans of Ronaldo there is an echo chamber. Any failures, any disappointments, any success whether it be positive or a negative case the thoughts and views that resonate within the family are of the same perception.


To their eyes and mind, he is perfect, there is no one to say that, 'no the tactic that he used over there was not as good as someone else' or to be precise there is no dissimilar opinion.

Now if another person outside the family comes in and says an altered opinion about the football star, the family would find it provocative. They would take it offensively and be in denial and lash out at the person.

The exact similar scenario happens in social media. Someone with an uncommon opinion on the social media platform could quite rustle up some untouched leaves. This is turn would prove to be fatal as the members of the echo chamber would gang up and degrade the person with the unlike opinion.

The echo chamber is sort of like your comfort zone, you think you are getting out of it but you are going in circles within the chamber feeding on to the news of your taste, your opinion, your lifestyle.

The hashtags, the field of interests that we choose are more of a filter, to provide you with amazing content of your liking.

Anything that you search on google and bam the advertisement of that one specific product that you were searching for, appears in your timeline. Quite creepy but it still has its effect.

Echo chambers contain you like some sort of no thinking zone society.


Talking about society, how in a society it would be frowned upon if you are too loud, or have tattoos, or you are a single mom. You are on constant watch from keen eyes who would like to judge you and look at you like the dentists here.

Will you step out of the line on what the society wants and do a little bit of thinking and see that things could be viewed from a different angle?


Pointing out the effects of echo chamber websites and medias surrounding the chamber made a change to their algorithms. Buzzfeed News started an initiative “Outside your bubble” which claims to bring in opinions and views from around the internet.

Facebook too has come out with a change that has its Trending Topics algorithm that no longer influenced by what you like, but what location you’re in, a more news-media, informative way of doing it.

A curious mind can always get you ahead, ask yourself, if every coin has two sides, then every story, every article, every piece of information that you see circulating on social media will also have two sides, so what is the other side of the story?

The 21st century’s newsletter is social media. We understand our current economic situations, battle situation, the country’s progressiveness through memes. Welcome to the generation of souls who look for validation within the vicinity of the chamber.

The need to broaden our visions and minds is the utmost necessity in the present situation. Look for what’s beyond just glitz and glitches; glamour and horror. The world of social media has subdued a generation of distinct thinkers.

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