• Subhangee Mohanta

Why do fashion and fitness go hand-in-hand?

The notion of fashion and fitness being necessary together has been known for long. A fit body helps you expand your fashion horizon, but does it really? The fashion industry has long created this image of a perfect body. A perfect body that is required to wear certain clothes, a perfect body that will give you the attention and appreciation of other people. Is it really necessary though?

Fashion has always been about expression and creativity. It has always been about exploring and making your own style statement. So exactly where does fitness and perfect body fits?

The idea of fitness going hand-in-hand with fashion is a criterion created by the fashion and beauty industry. All the runway models that we see and the Instagram models we see, they have a perfect body. Fit and perfect, but not ideal. There is nothing like an ideal body type. Fitness has become a part of fashion because it is always taught that you need an idealistic body to carry an outfit.

All the images that we see from a childhood of models, actresses in movies and commercials have a perfectly fit body that looks beautiful, and it's expected of everyone to look a certain way to fit the image of the idealistic body. And consciously or unconsciously we actually believe that.

Constantly watching what we eat, need for excessive exercise and dieting from such little age, being extremely conscious of our looks and looking for more and more plastic beauty. These set image in our brain is harmful.

Why should a teen be conscious of their looks so much that they take up dieting and rigours exercise and try to achieve a perfect body?

With every commercial and hoarding plastered with skinny and perfectly fit models how are people with other body types supposed to feel and accept themselves. Fat-shamming and negative body image are already huge, especially among teens. And no not only girls but boys are victims of body shaming too. The pressure of having a perfect body to accompany the dress you are wearing is not only mental but now is societal and often family-oriented.

Fashion and fitness relationship
Love your body

There is no one body shape or type. People are born with different body types and shape and their growth patterns are different.

Some times no matter how much you try you cannot reach the idealistic image that is already set in everyone’s mind. And this pressure of the fit and perfect look and push one towards being anorexic or bulimic.

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These are extremely harmful disorders that most occur because people try to lose weight. It may seem like telling people to lose weight or get a fit perfect body is no harm, but it’s the pressure along with the already pre-conceived societal image of the perfect body that often push many over the edge.

They push themselves to lose weight with any method possible- reducing to unimaginable food portions, skipping meals and excessive exercise and often vomiting after meals all to stay fit and maintain that body. But where is the limit, turns out its nowhere. There is no point of satisfaction and no ideal image hence, they keep pushing themselves.

Fashion is a form of expression and a creative outlet for many, but your own body is your temple.

If you want to maintain a fit and healthy body daily exercise and proper diet is enough, even if the goal is the perfect summer body to show off your curves with confidence and wear that dress that you wanted to with confidence, fitness is perfectly fine. But it is not compulsory. Till you are confident in your own skin and own it there are no limits to what outfit you wear and which dress you want. A crop top is as beautiful on a toned belly is it on a chubby belly, your body shape or type does not matter till the outfit you choose makes you happy.

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