Why do conspiracy theories spread faster than the truth?

-By Abhigyan Pandey

The Bitter truth

Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina, 9/11 was an inside job, NASA faked a moon landing are some of the weirdest conspiracy theories which have hogged the limelight with the eternal time. From the inception of the civilization, Human beings have a tendency to rely on the information imparted from a person standing on the pedestal, without confirming the validity of the update.

Conspiracy theory
Conspiracy theory

How do conspiracy theories get stimulus?

Standing on the threshold in the journey of advanced technological development, conspiracy theories sit comfortably on the couch. There are two ways through which conspiracy theories get reinforced in this era.

Firstly, ideas can spread without direct contact. In the age of social media, any individual who has built his virtual empire with millions of followers under his belt can sell his evidence-less theories within a snap of fingers.

Secondly, conspiracy theories are largely supported by political parties to score brownie points at the cost of misinformation and chaos in society. These political parties spread their irrational facts and baseless arguments on social media platforms with zeal and vigor.

Psychologist's corner

A well-known psychologist, Stephan Lewandowsky recently published reports pointing out that true conspiracies are found through investigations by state agencies and the media are found without investigations.

Stressing on the reasons why conspiracy theories are proclaimed as true, he offers that they come from people who " self-nominate and put themselves forward as being in possession of the truth". Also, people who believe in conspiracy theories have a different way of thinking.

They are too suspicious. They disregard evidence provided by institutions.

Adding another trait of the conspirators, Washington post adds that they trace patterns in random events to an extent that they interpret coincidence as intentional causes.

The cognitive scientist further chalks out that conspiracy theorists want to believe anything official say but show complete solidarity for something some random person on the internet will tweet out.

Area 51
Area 51

Conspiracy theories

The famous Area 51 which catches eyes of people all around the world giving conspirators the first-hand privilege to sell their baseless theories to the audience placed across oceans.

Situated in Nevada Desert, it is a military installation at the Nellis Military operation area. The base quickly became known as the most secretive military site in the world because it does not exist on any map or government website.

More than 50 years after President Kennedy was assassinated, the majority of Americans apparently believe in a conspiracy theory about his death.

In fact, Five Thirty Eight reports that 61 percent of people think Kennedy's death involved multiple players. But this week could bring some closure to those theories. Today, approximately 3,600 previously classified documents pertaining to Kennedy's murder will be made public for the first time, and the information held in these files could debunk even the most absurd of rumors.

In 1964, the Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone (and that Jack Ruby also acted alone when he killed Oswald two days later), but most people don't seem to accept that this assassination was the work of a lone gunman.

How to avoid it?

Iterating the importance of keeping the discreet update about the issue can play a vital role in rooting out the ideas of conspiracy theories and rumors. Believing in established governmental institutions can bolster the right information to sip in the world of conspiracy theories.

Pointing out the origination of Fake news can act as a deterrent and instill positivity among the data consumers.

Hence, If real facts get overshadowed by the conspiracy theories then the dark clouds of danger are heading towards us. Introspection is the key to change the direction of the clouds.

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