Updated: Jun 25, 2020

As the pandemic has taken its turn for the worst, The World Health Organization is in no mood to succumb to the contagious virus.

Given the magnitude of the disease, WHO has been relentless in its efforts to break the chain of the cycle of Covid-19. The international organization has drawn several silver linings in these challenging circumstances.

According to the latest statistics, the international body has delivered over 55 tonnes of health supplies by road to N-E Syria which has been a serious victim of the deadly virus.

With profound fear and stress gradually becoming the order of the day, the world body has been very effective as far as the department of awareness among third world nations is concerned.

The institute has gleefully extended the helping hand to the people at the extreme situation of the society. A series of campaigns are rolling down the streets of Macedonia captivating citizens who are understanding the grave issue which the world is facing at the moment.

Moreover, W.H.O has never failed to meet the expectations of the strong hit people of the Eastern Mediterranean. W.H.O is on the frontline in the region from testing suspected cases, training rapid response team , providing protective gears for health workers.

The organisation seems to be in a race against time to help counter-response and prevent furthermore spread of the virus.

keeping an eye on the spread of rumours and misinformation, the international organisation remains strict in a country as small as Lebanon to distance the society from the spread of fake humours.

As the COVID-19  pandemic spreads, WHO is supporting countries in their containment and mitigation efforts such as by providing technical guidance, laboratory capacity strengthening for testing, equipment for hospitals and healthcare workers.

Adding a worthy update to the above mentioned efforts by the W.H.O, a team of medics from Poland went to Kyrgyzstan to share their experience from virus-hit Italy and transfer knowledge and skills to their peers.

This support was part of the Emergency Medical Team initiative coordinated by WHO and was organized as a fast track to improving the care of COVID-19 patients in Kyrgyzstan.

The health institution has been very persistent in keeping an eye on the development of vaccines for the efficient treatment of Covid-19.

Currently over 120 vaccines have been mapped and sites in 140 countries have expressed an interest to join the vaccine solidarity trial.

Under the solidarity of the Global research foundation, the working group for the vaccine prioritization was constituted under the leadership of the R&D blueprint team.

Let’s express our gratitude to an organization WHO will always be remembered for it’s flamboyant and collective decision-making capability in the coming years.

In hindsight, this institution will always be labelled as the one who will put the last nail in the coffin of the Covid-19 pandemic.



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