• Thanushree Anil

What to do when goals are achieved?

Goals can differ from just a short run goal to long-run goals.

After attaining your goals, your lifestyle, your routine, your entire life takes a turn. It’s a milestone and you are entering into the boundary of an entirely new country clueless of what the new lifestyle would demand.

You would have numerous goals that act as a magnet to continue your life forward, a thirst to quench.


The lifestyle you gained after achieving your goals, small or big would definitely have an impact on your routines, its either one thing less to do or one thing more to do.

The hard work, the planning, the determination has resulted in your current position.


Carry that thought every day in your mind, all that hard work paying off and giving you what you deserve but the minute you stop embracing it the sand would slowly slip down from the sandcastle.

Your goals are like a sandcastle it can be destructed by the water crashing on to it. Your aim should be to add more sand whenever the sand slips down, finding ways to make it sturdier and long-lasting.

Set new goals

Your life is like a rolling snowball down the cliff, the farther you tumble down, the bigger your get, the bigger your dreams become, the bigger your life evolves.

The situation might be that you have no other goal for the time being to achieve. One thing you could do is to redefine your goals, now that you have what you wanted, what is it that you can do to make it better, after all, isn’t it better to live a better version of you every day.

Broaden your perspective, say for a short term goal, after you achieve it, you realise that if this is possible for you then the next step of that, the next move, the next goal are attainable. It isn’t a doubtful question anymore. It becomes from can I ? to I can.


It's all about the perspective, let's say for a long term goal, it is going to have so many short goals in between. To maintain that goal too we need a new set of goals.

A lifetime of vivacious 60 years and each day brings a new challenge, setting up a new goal wouldn’t be too hard.

Apart from making new goals to maintain the current one, you have provisions to experience a fresh set of goals, you can try new things, you can aim for another goal in an entirely different spectrum ranging far from what you used to do.


You have finally achieved your dreams, your tiny tiny goals, your lifetime goals, no matter what, after accomplishing something you dreamt of for so long, relax!

Relax, embrace the satisfaction, embrace the happiness before moving to the next goal, before even jotting down the next goal.


Every day after functioning for the entire day, our eyes need rest, the body needs sleep for gaining energy, so why not take a break and celebrate after reaching the goal to come back with a more creative and energised mind.

Every day is a battle but as the sun goes down the battles too come to a stop.

Blue feelings

This sounds weird but it's true. Long days and nights of toiling hard for a task, after closing the goal book and striking it off, there is a slight chance that you might feel empty inside.

Of course, striking off goals could feel good, it could give you a sense of positive drive, but after having that goal completely in your mind for days and nights, thinking of that one thing constantly and after completing it, the time that you spend thinking about it becomes empty, you get free space to think and you have nothing and as a consequence, you feel empty.

Goals are literal neodymium(the strongest magnet in the world) for driving your life into a sense of connection and purpose. We, humans, invest in something that inspires us when we engage with that, we conjure up a goal to learn more, to experience more, to gain its absolute potential, hence we feel curiosity, perseverance. We feel alive and dynamic. The factor behind is dopamine that instils such positive attributes in our life.


When we relate to that goal, that goal somewhat defines us, sometimes that goal is what represents you for what you are. We dare defined by the goal. Now when these goals are achieved, you may feel that something that you related with, your definition is no longer with you.

Another blue feeling that you could get is that sometimes instead of the process you anticipate the reward as a driving force to complete your tasks. Continue doing this and you get your dopamine level so low that when you finally get the reward you feel blue. Its also called as arrival fallacy.

To avoid feeling blue is; hope.

The hope of a new dream, the hope of a new goal, the hope of twists and turns. As long as you are breathing there are a gazillion change and aspirations you can bring to your life.

Do you relate to my thoughts ? Let me know your views in the comments below. Would be glad to help you out.</