• Thanushree Anil

What should be your outfit of the day?

The #OOTD, the favourite acronym used by all the fashionistas all around the world. More than fashion nowadays people have found love in finding what is comfortable to them. Breaking norms and stereotypes a woman wears a suit elegantly and a man wears skirts proudly.

What should I wear for a concert?

What should I wear for a date?

What should I wear for a casual day?

Commonly sought questions on google, we have the answers that you would model.

The main motto throughout your life while endorsing fashionable outfits is to have CC (confidence and comfort)


Everyone can have their sense of style and not need that of a big wardrobe to flip your hair and flaunt it down the streets.

The black sheep

BLACK OUTFIT FOR WOMEN, Black outfit, style, comfort style, street style

When in doubt of what to wear for the day, black is the new answer.

Black can never betray you.

A black turtle neck sweater with black skinny jeans and heels ought to make the boring outfit into elegant for women.

For men, the outfit could be a black T-shirt and Chelsea boots, or a roll neck and combat boots.

BLACK OUTFITS FOR MEN. Black outfit, street style, comfort style, fashion

For men, the outfit could be a black T-shirt and Chelsea boots, or a roll neck and combat boots.

Rainbows and sprinkles

COLORFUL OUTFITS, Meghan Markle, classy outfits

Find the colours that bring out the features in you. Colours can also affect the person that you meet with. Wearing red makes you energized, it triggers passion and makes the other person excited.

Yellow makes people feel spontaneous and happy, you need to be happy to truly emit confidence, blue for approachability, soothing green and the rebellious black for strong elegance.

This is a statement

Wear statement accessories like a silver choker on a saree or a statement pendant and rings for men. But don’t get enthused by too many pearls and jewellery it may look like you just stole the shop entirely!

SARI WITH A CHOKER, saree, traditional fashion, traditional jewellery

A simple choker can make the entire outfit go for simple mundane to classy momentous whether it's just for a casual look or for a bold look.

It is in the name folks! Those accessories do make a statement.