What's Sinjini's extravagant lifestyle that adds glory to her life's platter?

Known for her glamour and glitz, she holds a keen interest in endorsing ideas on how to keep oneself presentable in 2020. Apparently running with the pace of time and sometimes winning against the same, her self-love and beautifying products turns out to be a social media talk on occasions. Yes, today on board we have Sinjini Roychoudhury who’s going to take you on a tour to her exotic dreams and wishes. Speaking on a wide array of realms, she offers a lot of alluring insights which will surely ignite a spark within you to make the most of life and push yourself in the direction of sheer happiness.

On being asked to throw some light on where she stands right now in her evergreen life, the Software engineer, offers "Currently juggling between my passion for fashion & the hurdles of corporate job, I aspire to create content about everything that I love and reach millions of hearts."

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Phrazis: How have you managed to stay on your toes in the lock-down period?

''I planned out my day and kept my schedule really busy so that I’m productive and do not end up losing motivation.''

Phrazis : Left with plenty of time, a lot of people kept themselves busy via binge-watching T.V series or movies, so what was your tactic to deal with the same?

''Oh yes, Netflix has been my best friend. I also picked up new hobbies like playing ukulele, cooking and helped my mom in household work.''

Phrazis: Amidst so much negativism and fear aggravating around, how have you managed to keep your mind healthy?

''Being productive keeps me motivated. So that’s what I’ve been upto. Whenever I have time, I start thinking of ideas about my next video! Also, I like studying. So even if it sounds geeky, I actually invested time practicing maths!''

Phrazis: Who inspires you to put your best foot forward in life?

''So many people on social media have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and dare to dream! Also, my mom has been a constant support. Though I have a corporate job, she is always motivating me to keep working on my creative side because she knows that’s my happy place.''

Phrazis: At the time when everyone was bitten with the boredom bug, you seemed to invest a lot of time on your social media. So, how do you inspire your Instagram Family who really looks up to you as an influencer?

''The entire lock-down period made me realize life is too short to not follow your heart! I love creating content and social media is such a beautiful platform to showcase your talent. So my only suggestion would be not to think about the results, just follow your heart and do what makes you happy.''

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Phrazis: You apparently did not let the lock-down period take a toll on your body weight, unlike millions. Did you roll down the Yoga mat to make sure you stay in top shape?

''Actually I’ve been really lucky that I did not gain much in spite of eating all sorts of junk in the lock-down. Honestly I did try following some home workout routine from YouTube but that lasted for 2 weeks! I’m still trying to cut down on the unhealthy diet. I’ll surely share if I’m successful.''

Phrazis: In the age of social media, a lot of women experience cyber-bullying on a regular basis. How has been your experience regarding the same?

''I have been lucky to have not experienced cyber bullying as such. There have been a few hate comments but I either respond to it or delete it, depending on the relevance. All these things should not pull you down. Ignorance is the key!''

Phrazis: How does your ‘to-do’-list look like for the post-COVID world?

''Well I can’t wait to go cafe hopping with my besties! I had a girl’s trip planned this year but it got cancelled. I really want things to be normal so that I can travel.''

Phrazis: As an individual, what’s your favourite fashion style?

''Well, I like wearing clothes that compliment my body frame and resonate with my personality. I do not blindly follow trends.''

Phrazis: In the end, what’s that one message that you want to give to your social media followers?

''Do not let go off your passion! Always think positive and spread love.''

She signs off!

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