What are the life hacks for a mediocre to become famous and successful?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020


“To be or not to be”

Live as a king or live as a peasant. The choice is yours.

We are all born in the same world though some of us with silver spoons encrusted with jewels, some of us with silver spoons and some of us just a plastic spoon. People have been googling left and right on how to become successful in a year, in a month, in a week, in 3 days since GOOGLE was launched.

STOP THERE people, reading tips and tricks will motivate for a week, tops. To be successful in life you have to go through stages of trauma and walk on a bed of thorns that look like roses. Get stabbed by a friend, face a horrific accident, survive on an island alone, and voila! you become successful.

Too dark?

Then let’s step into some light on ACTUALLY how to be successful.

Gain some self-worth people. Enough of mediocre thoughts. Give that “organ of the consciousness and mind” some love and acceptance. What is it? Oh, you have never really done anything major or achieved something that you can give credit for?

Truth is, us being born the way we are is the first step to accept ourselves. Trust the vibes we give off. Accept that we have flaws and spend each day trying to overcome those flaws. Like ‘Four’ from divergent. That guy jumps into fear simulations, again and again, to get rid of his fear. We could learn something from him.

Four from divergent
Acknowledgment is the key to success.

Once you accept the way you are, you have limitless opportunities. Acknowledge that despite the flaws you are worth it.

Motivational quote

Never miss an opportunity

The Bill Gates interview where the interviewer asks ‘What is your secret to success’ and he gives her a cheque and to write any amount. She then denies it and Bill Gates gives his iconic dialogue, that you could have become the richest broadcaster in the world and unlike you, I never miss an opportunity.

Yes, you know the story. His answer has been circulated throughout social media and has been used by EVERY motivational page as the key to success.

That actually never happened.

Bummer. Although from this fake story we could pluck out something positive.

This could be a key to success:

Never miss an opportunity. Opportunities are like Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, if you truly seek it out they appear right under your nose.

Motivational Quote

Dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs saw an even wider prospect other than the opportunities of their colleges. They saw that they have an even brighter future, in what they could do rather than what they were currently doing. Don’t get hyped up and drop out.

Not all dropouts get successful, some just deliver pizzas. Weigh your options, analyze what you have now and what you will have when you take the next step. Draw out the pros and cons. If you choose a less-traveled path, you need to have the courage that whatever demons that may lurk behind those trees in the less-traveled path you would be able to light up a fire and drive them off and that’s how you would be able to pave the path for success.

Motivational quote by Robert Frost

Make connections:

Get out of that FOMO zone, and actually hit up the society. Make use of communication, understand the trends. Research, grow, and learn what you really want to do. Get yourself enrolled in various working groups to fulfill that purpose in your life. Tap into your creativity and explore ideas beyond your capabilities. Sounds enthusiastic, easy to say but hard to follow.


Society could be hard, they could be undermining, they could be cruel, condescending. Just think of it as an Instagram user, you get annoyed by that particular Instagram user’s stories. Lets name that person XYZ (classic, I know right!), so you mute the stories and posts but you do not unfollow XYZ. Why? Because you don’t want to lose a follower.

Follow the same imagination, drop in the bucket into the well, draw out the water, and throw the fish out of it. Plugin what you need and draw what you need, muting whatever that may come across as maddening. You might find a key to success in the deepest wells.


Have a purpose in life

You binge watch 8 seasons of Game of Thrones with a purpose right. Who will get the Iron Throne? Everything you do has a purpose on its own. Lounging around the couch doing absolutely nothing and staring at the wall seems so inviting, what is the purpose there? Relaxation, that’s the purpose.

Though it is not productive, as mentioned earlier ‘everything has a purpose on its own’. Being mediocre, staring at the walls, the key to success wouldn’t float in the air ready for you to just get a hold of. It’s a whole treasure map of getting dirt in your hands, digging, obstacles, and the joy of unlocking, finding the treasure within.