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What are the best one-minute life hacks?

Life-hacks. Jugaad. Small loopholes in everyday life that make our life easier. Unknowingly, all of us have some tricks up our sleeves that gives a slight advantage over everybody else.

If you observe anyone who has been cooking for a long time, especially our mothers, they always have some small tricks that are unconventional yet effective in cooking and planning.

DIY and life hack culture became extremely popular with YouTube channels like 5-Minute Crafts and others, making it seem like ‘life-hacks’ are just building different items with a hot glue gun.

While they do have some useful solutions, they did face some ridicule after posting some of the most unnecessary ‘life-hacks’; thus proving the point that life-hacks and DIYs are just some tweaks here and there to the already existing routines and not art projects.

Here are some life-hacks that will make your life more productive and healthy -


Getting out of bed can be the single most impossible thing in the world.

No matter what the reason is, it seems as if the bed has tied you down.

However, you can trick your brain into getting up in less than a minute!

Start a countdown from 20 to 0 in your head.

Your brain (and therefore, you) hates anticlimactic inactivity like cliffhangers, after a countdown, so by the time you will reach zero, you’ll be forced to get out of bed.


How much time does it take to make your morning cup of coffee/ tea?

I can bet it’s not under a minute.

There is a drink you can make in the morning which is easy to make and is much more healthier - water!

With a squeeze of lemon juice, water, preferably warm, is sure to get you revved up early in the morning.

This also fires up your metabolism first thing in the morning and burns fat more effectively.


Even without getting noticeably stressed throughout the day, you definitely develop some strain dealing with small problems or inconveniences everyday. Therefore, it is important to calm yourself between breaks and build up any focus that is lost.

The easiest way to do this is to simply breathe. Even as you read this, you might have noticed your breathing.

The more stressed you are, the more rapid your breathing will be. Use one full minute to focus on your breathing, slowing it down. Relax your muscles, especially your neck and close your eyes to relieve them of the strain.


If you work with screens (or attend online classes) for more than 2 hours a day, your eyes are definitely getting stressed from all the staring. Take a break from the screens and exercise your eyes in different ways. From simply closing your eyes to performing eye yoga, here are some ways you can relax and de-stress your eyes.


This might not seem like a life-hack because there is nothing to ‘do’ really; but how easy is it for you to not do anything?

Can you go for a minute without even thinking about anything?

You can try to make yourself appear interesting and only project your point of view. Or you can spend a minute easily learning to listen, making someone else appear interesting and getting to know their idea better.

Being a great listener takes concentration and empathy, which you can certainly use, starting one minute a day.


Go ahead.

Make that list.

It can be things you have learned from other people, from the internet or maybe even from yourself.

There will never be a day you will not learn anything new.

So take a minute and note down what it is that you have learned and how it will be helpful to you. It might be the smallest thing but what matters is that you learned something new.

Also called gratitude journaling, this method is very effective and helps develop an optimistic perspective in everyday routines.

And it only takes a minute!

You already have one point in your list - read a blog!





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