What are the best dressing styles for lean women?

By Debangana Roy

We need to remember that each of us represents an individual body shape, which requires an individual approach. Luckily our outfit choices can help us to showcase our body the way we want it to be seen. Thinner people may opt for fabrics such as cotton, denims, knits which will add a bulk to your frame. You need to go for smaller prints and thinner stripes else you would appear to be thinner than toy actually are!

Here are some hacks which will help to you to carry yourself with utmost grace:

· Layering

Layering is one of the best of dressing for lean people. Start off with lighter fabrics and then hop into thicker ones. In summers you can layer a shirt on a t-shirt or layer a long shrug on a kurti or maybe wear a summer coat on formal days. Summer coats would go with shirts, t-shirts, Kurtis and even sarees. In winters layer a overcoat or a leather jacket on a turtleneck cardigan and the stylish diva in you is ready to conquer the world!

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Dressing hacks for women

· Horizontal strips

This is the best kind of strips you can opt for. Horizontal strips will give an illusion which will make your broader than you actually are. Vertical strips are a huge no for leaner body types as they will make you look thinner and taller and are best suited for curvy body types. Even while buying horizontal strips remember to go for thinner stripes. Checked shirts would also look good on you as they will balance all the parts of your body and give you a balanced look.

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Dressing hacks for women

· Accessories

Accessories may create an outfit or spoil an outfit. Scarves would be a great accessory for both men and women as they would give you a fuller look. You can also curl your hair which will you draw all the attention to your face.

Chunky sneaker and boots look great on leaner body types as compared to heels because they make you look thinner and taller.

Hoop earrings and tassels and even chunk jewelry are a huge yes for your body types.

Lean body types should never go for waist belts as then bring the attention to the thinner part of your body.

Dressing hacks for women

· Fits

A huge no to skinny jeans or rather any body-con outfits. But do not go for too baggy outfits as well. Go for your exact size. Lean body types should swear by slim fits as they balances you body shape.

Dressing hacks for women

· Sleeves

Cap sleeves create a horizontal line along the shoulders and give it a broadened look. Puffed sleeves, kimono sleeves, bishop sleeves, angel sleeves, bell sleeves, butterfly sleeves will broaden the outline of your hand and body and will give you a fuller look. Their designed patterns gives you a flattering look.

Dressing hacks for women

· Bottoms

Fuller bottoms such as flared skirts, bell bottoms, cigarette pants, long skirts, will help you look taller as well as give you a good shape without making you look skinnier. They will help you to balance your slimmer torso as these wide legged pants brings all the attention to themselves.

Dressing hacks for women

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