Wanna improve your fashion sense? Check out what your wardrobe must treasure in 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

By - Anushka De

Our sense of fashion has always been an integral part of our lifestyle. But it's 2020 now and our sense of fashion is no longer restricted to the way we dress up. It is rather a significant way of expressing ourselves and our vibrant personalities to the world around us.

While it feels good to see people implementing their artistic inner selves into the way they dress, it is important to remember that most of the time, fashion, is predominantly influenced by popular culture and the trends of the era. Let us now quickly explore some of “the wardrobe essentials” for 2020.

Ø The most popular LBD

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A little black dress, also known as the LBD is literally the quintessential wardrobe “must-have” for all women out there. A perfectly fitting LBD can be an incredibly versatile and fashionable outfit for you to venture out into the world.

It dates back to the 1920s designs by the Coco Channel and even in 2020, it remains the elegant outfit that is enough to redefine your style statement.

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Ø A white button-up shirt

Looking glamourous as she dons White button-up shirt
Looking Glamourous as she dons White button -up shirt

This is another trendy clothing to rely on when you are updating your fashion sense. A crisp white shirt can be paired up with a set of trousers, or with denim pants or with the skirt of your choice and the amazing part is: it would give you a cool and classy look with all of these options.

Besides, it can be worn on both formal and informal occasions. Be it a simple white tee, or a white shirt with a mandarin collar, it will definitely suit you on any day of the year.

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Ø Denim jackets
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A light denim jacket can be worn with any set of regular clothing and you can choose to put on an oversized one or a more fitted one since both can make you look trendy.

Many people also prefer leather jackets over denim ones. But these jackets are not going out-of-fashion anytime soon. They come in a range of dark shades and its one of those wardrobe essentials that effortlessly give you a casual and smart look for any occasion.

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Ø Puff sleeves:

Brimming with positivity while she shows up her puff sleeves outfit
Brimming with positivity while she shows up her puff sleeves outfit

The puff sleeve outfits are back in the fashion arena in 2020. The puffy sleeves can be added to dresses or blouses and they are credited these days since they can add some drama to your daily wears and elevate a simple look to a chic outfit in no time.

They can be combined with other designs and colors for a more gorgeous look. You can wear it with a plethora of colors ranging from a bright hot-pink to a shade of beige. It is fun and quite easy to pull off. Rest assured this trend of puff sleeves is a wardrobe essential these days.

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Ø A Turtleneck Blouse
Perfect Fitting Turtle neck Blouses adds up to her sizzling figure
Perfect Fitting Turtle neck Blouses adds up to her sizzling figure

The turtleneck blouses or cropped tops definitely belong to the category of wardrobe must-haves in 2020. They can be worn with midi-skirts, or with skinny jeans and the turtlenecks will give you a prim and proper look.

Along with the blouses, sweaters with turtlenecks are also back in trend these days. Because of the sophisticated look that they bring, these are often found to be suitable for formal occasions.

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Ø The various prints

Printed clothing is loved by many for the diversity in their designs. A printed dress, elegant enough to match your vibe, will always remain a fashionable outfit. You can put on a natural floral print for an easy-breezy look on a summer afternoon or go for the polka dots to pull off a retro look.

Ø Accessorize suitably

It is necessary to pay attention to the accessories and shoes when you are putting a conscious effort to improve your fashion sense. Shoes like a pair of white sneakers or a pair of loafers will always be comfortable, cool, and trendy.

But on some occasions, an outfit might require a pair of ankle-length boots or a set of shiny, black pumps to bring out its complete essence. Lightweight silk scarves are also in trend and they can often serve as a fantastic finishing touch for your outfit.