Vietnam: A breath-taking landscape



If there is a country in the world which can be personified as human life, It would be Vietnam. The southeast Asian nation has faced several turbulences in its journey akin to human life. Having faced large scale massive wars on an International level leading to countless deaths, the country has eventually embraced itself in the right direction.

With a rich history and tradition, the country of 97 million population has been able to retain the traditional practices in its society. Since Vietnam was a Chinese colony in the 10th century, a lot of its customs and beliefs are palpable in the society. Following the footsteps of the great Chinese thinker, Confucius, Vietnamese show a great sense of character in their lives by spreading positivity around themselves. Moreover, their pride and respect for the motherland, sea, and especially their ancestors go beyond measures. Facts unleash that Vietnam has not just been a recipient of Chinese culture but also the French, reflected in the country's architecture and food. Appearing to take a cue from other neighboring countries like China, Vietnam stepped into the world of westernization in the 2000s, but what surprised everyone was its ability to firmly hold the grip over its own exotic traditions. They moved on swiftly by embracing change as a new normal. In what can leave you in awe, let us explore the Vietnamese lifestyle.


Hoi An
Hoi An

Vietnamese have recognized 11 prominent religion thanks to the region's rich historic influx of different traditions from across the world. With the majority of Vietnamese being Buddhist, religions like Islam, Catholicism Hao Hoa Protestantism, and Bahai faith makes it into the top-notch.


Vietnamese customs and traditions are heavily influenced by the teachings of Confucius giving them an upper hand to lead their lives with complete stability and harmony around themselves. Also their love for family and society is unparallel lending an edge against the self- minded approach of the western world.

Vietnamese Cuisine
Vietnamese Cuisine

You cannot leave Vietnam without tasting its mouthwatering dishes. Tourists arrive from different places to explore the luscious taste of the spicy noodles with a soup on an already illustrious platter. With less use of oil and greater use of veggies, the noodles make it into the once in a lifetime opportunity for the Intrepid flockers into the elegant state of Vietnam.

Dance and music.

Given a chance the millennials do not hesitate to show their groovy moves on a dance floor. Interestingly, Dance and Music exhibit variance in different parts of the country.

The north Carrie's forward an older and more formal version while the Champa culture exerts considerable influence on Central classical music, with 50 national instruments under its belt.

Art and literature

Art And culture

From romanticism and realism, Vietnam has witnessed it all. It is believed that folk literature and written literature was developed at the same time. Whilst art was influenced by Confucianism, it paved the path of Calligraphy which is a much-respected art form and often performed during the festival of the lunar new year. Also, woodblock prints and water puppetry are quite popular among the youths of Vietnam further bolstering the country's traditional and unique art and craft.

Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival

Who can even imagine a place where a community of people live together and there isn't a reason for celebration which calls got unity?

Vietnam is known for its major three festivals including the Mid-autumn Lantern festival and Buddha's birth along with the Lunar New year.

Martial arts

Offering intense spirituality, the Vietnamese martial arts are valued all across the world for the philosophy it Carrie's forward along with it.

Popular among the young and influenced by the teachings of Confucius and Taoism, it is taught in many countries.

Coming to the end with the hope that the Vietnamese customs and tradition continue to scintillate eternally and inspire millions cutting across oceans.

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