6 dazzling ways to keep yourself motivated every day in 2020

How many of us pretend to be happy in life just to make sure that the people in front do not get to know about the peaceful war which you have been battling against your mind ever since you blew the candles of your thirteenth birthday? How many of us try to hide the fears which unwillingly has been creating noise within us for far too long? How many of us are observing pessimism winning over-optimism in the race of life? How many of us tend to stop ourselves from committing an action just because our insecurities indicate a red flag reasoning that people are going to make fun of you?

Well, let this be very clear to everyone you are not alone. Tens of millions of millennials are with you in this quirky relationship which seems to last longer than the human relationship. With confidence level downhill, this estranged relationship stands detrimental to your health too. Answering these questions becomes necessary to attain a peace of mind and celebrate the one life with freedom in the true sense of the word.

Importance of motivation:

Motivation is a tool to keep yourself on the top spot every time you rise from the bed to freshen up yourself. While the entire world may look down upon you, throwing tantrums on you each day, it is your motivation which keeps you alive in this competitive world which is ready to cross the boundary of ethics to bag the spotlight. Every time you go to sleep with a distressing mind, it is your motivation that has the capacity to ignite the spark of hope within you that you are the best!

How to keep yourself motivated everyday?

So, without further ado, let’s take a tour of how you can keep the torch of motivation burn immortally with sheer smartness and optimize your mind amidst the glooming dark sky of social pressures. All you got to do is to talk with your mind and explain how amazing you are!

Let’s explore the possible solutions:

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1. Plan Early

How to keep yourself motivated everyday?

One way to stay motivated every day is to chalk out all your plan which needs to be unfolded over the course of the day. It is indispensable to understand the motivation behind the things which you are doing. However, it is to be kept in mind that you will never be fully efficient unless you have a well-devised plan which will specify which things have to be done and when they have to be done. You will observe that when you plan ahead, it will render you with an estimate of how much time is left unutilized and can be used for something else. This can be a brilliant way to boost your productivity in life.

2. Noting Down achievements

How to keep yourself motivated everyday?

Occasionally you must throw an eye on how far you have come and how much you have already achieved. As rightly pointed out by many experts of this realm that the best way to keep your self motivated every day is to remind yourself of all the things you have already accomplished. Keeping a note about all the to-do lists and striking it off after completing each of the tasks will bolster your confidence for the rest of the day. Hence it is a good idea to have some recorded statistics easily accessible and which can serve as a reminder of what you have already done and can still do.

3. Wake up early and start working on the tough task after you have prepared the TO-Do list for the day

How to keep yourself motivated everyday?

It is incredible how people can dread a new day, especially if they know that something tough and complicated will have to be dealt with. One of the best techniques to keep the spark of motivation alive for the day is to make a quality decision to deal with the difficult tasks first before moving on to the less complicated things.

The rationale behind this idea is inescapable: once you deal with the difficult things, the other things become more comfortable to complete without breaking a sweat. Moreover, it can help you to spend the rest of the day with a sigh of relief as nothing can bother you because you are riding the crest of the wave since that morning. Therefore, if you want to remind yourself that you have unlimited potential, then always do the difficult tasks first, early in the morning when you are still fresh and radiating oodles of energy.

4. Time to relax

How to keep yourself motivated everyday?

Extensive research over the years lends it’s an argument in the favour of the \fact that the seventh day of the week is a day of rest. People are not machines who can perform at optimal levels 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without having sufficient time to rest. The reality is that this is attempted concentration and creativity suffer and before long, the body starts to resists.

Hence, you must give your body the much-needed relax which will help you to connect with yourself alongside rejuvenating and revitalizing the mind. Also, it will ensure that you will always have sufficient energy to help you to deal with any difficulties which may be encountered successfully without much double-minds.

5. Execute your hobbies with passion

How to keep yourself motivated everyday?

Even the most efficient professionals need to get away from everything occasionally to regain their perspective in life. This is why spending time every day on your most desired hobby is an excellent way to get away from everything.

This is considered as one of the best ways to stay motivated every day because it helps you charge your batteries so that you return to work with optimum zest and vigor. It has been rightly pointed out by many, that when things are so hectic that you cannot get away, then that is precisely the time when a break is most needed.

6. You are the best