Top 6 mind-boggling tricks to look effortlessly stylish in 2020

By Avriti Jha

Don’t we all get overwhelmed with the endless fashion choices? We want to look gorgeous but are always confused about what to wear.

Did you know that matching your bag with your belt makes you look very stylish? Fear not! When it comes to fashion emergencies, no girl is ever alone. I’m here to help you with tricks that will help you pick outfits and look pretty and that too, effortlessly!

1. Comfort is cool

We’re always told to get out of our comfort zones, to explore and experiment and that’s a very good advice in all aspects of life. But don’t misunderstand this advice and push yourself so much that you’re not happy with the results.

Fashion Style

Wearing something that’s trendy but doesn’t let you feel comfortable or confident is a big no. If you’ve put on a bodycon dress but all day long you’re waiting to get out of that dress, DON’T WEAR IT! You feeling gorgeous is ALWAYS more important than you looking gorgeous.

You should look for clothes that allow you easy movement and fabrics that let you breathe and don’t stick to your skin like glue.

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2. Finding the right fit

Remember how the glass slippers only fit Cinderella-like they were custom made for her and no other girl in their entire village could wear those? Well, that’s a little illogical, but, the tale does tell us how important finding the right fit is.

Fashion Style

Imagine spending all of your savings on a Louis Vuitton suit but it’s so tight that every time you button your coat, you feel suffocated. NIGHTMARE!

Buying outfits that don’t suffocate you but also aren’t so baggy that your curves aren’t visible, is so important! Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly automatically makes you look more appealing.

While looking for the right fit, don’t buy clothes that just feel right because you can get into them. Look for clothes that hug your figure well, that they’re not hanging on your body like it’s thrown on a scarecrow!

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3. The art of accessorizing

Picture this: A plain white tee with a pair of jeans. Sounds boring, right? Now visualise this: a plain white tee with a pair of jeans paired with gold tiny earrings and delicate layered gold jewellery and the glamourous a watch. Not so boring now, eh?

Fashion Style

Accessorizing is the best thing that you can do your style statement if you don’t want to put too much effort into dressing up. Take a structured bag or jewellery or even scarfs.

It wasn’t just the “Breakfast” at Tiffany’s that made Audrey Hepburn iconic, it was the statement pearl necklace that she wore as Holly Golightly.

Remember, accessories never go out of style!

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4. Creases are a curse

You’re late to work again and oh! You have a meeting! Gotta wear the fancy suit today. But wait, you haven’t ironed it, still wearing it? STOP!

If there’s a bigger fashion crime than disregarding the power of LBDs it’s wearing wrinkled clothes. You could be wearing your most expensive, most beautiful outfit but still end up looking bad because of the creases.

Fashion Style 2020

Wearing wrinkled clothes paints a negative image of you. It makes you seem irresponsible and can harm your first impression.

It’s always good to have your clothes ironed beforehand. If you have a busy schedule, iron your clothes the night before you’re going to wear it. Well ironed clothes make you more attractive and gorgeous.

5. Good shoes take you to good places

Repeat after me, Shoes are the most important part of your style!

You don’t have to be wearing Louboutins for you to look pretty. But wearing the right shoe is ALWAYS gonna be the X factor!

Fashion Style in 2020