Top 5 confidence life hacks that you must endorse in 2020

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

While the 21st century is built on the base of confidence, it is difficult to keep yourself remain upright and important for too long. In this world of digital immersion, it is imperative to wear the confidence on your face with sheer boldness.

We all experience a phase in our lives where we feel oblivion about what’s coming our way ahead and feel nervous. Questions like “What will people say?” and “what if I turn out to make a fool of myself?” hovers around our mind which hinders us to conquer the stage of the world.

Hence, this article also answers to these genuine questions with utter confidence. Focusing to bring out the ‘C’ from confidence, the main objective of this content is to help you in donning it as your superhero mask and look around the world as if you are the king!

Without further ado, let’s take a virtual tour to understand how to develop confidence in 2020 so that your inner beliefs need not loiter around for validations from the people standing next to you.

5. Adopt a power pose:

Practiced by people who shoulder the responsibility of various corporates, this tactic is well-received on the other end. “Fake it till you make it”, this is a lesson that has made so many careers around the world taking them to the top helm. Breaking down the concept in layman’s terms, the majority of people can’t read what’s going on inside a person’s head. Perception is significantly drawn based on how you act and to be specific, your body language. Hence, to ensure that people believe in you, a power pose can help turn the tables on your side. From sitting upright, confident speech to chair position, and adequate dress up, a power pose helps to ignite the spark of confidence not just within you but the person standing in front of you.

Confidence life hacks

4. Wear a smile and remain silent:

When you have a tough day in the field, it becomes conspicuous on your face inevitably. Fighting this changed body language is not tough at all. All you got to do is to wear the precious and priceless smile on your face in front of the people so that they do not get a sense of what’s running in your mind. A lot of people often misunderstand self-confidence as a person who boosts himself everywhere. That is why you will find trash talk about their work everywhere but self-confidence allows a person to remain silent and let his work speak for him. This is a major bottom-line of being confident in this world of flex.

Confidence life hacks

3. Interact with people who radiate confidence

Make friends with people who never blows away the candle of confidence from your life except on your birthday. Given the world we live in, it is difficult to discover such people. No worries if you do not have someone as such in your life. We have got a solution for you. Why not get hold of a diary wherein you write the events in your life that got you over the moon. Why not take yourself on a spiritual tour where you can find the inherent strengths that nobody can steal from you.

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Confidence life hacks

2. Plug your ears into the world of music:

Music is one of the best tools to heal your mind. While it not only distracts you from going all-negative about oneself, it has the potential to completely transform your mood. Songs have an unconscious effect on your brain. To understand the significance of what music does to your mind, just try cleaning a room in absolute silence and then try cleaning while tuning to your favorite song. You will be surprised to experience the difference.

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Confidence life hacks

1. Have an alter-ego:

In Silicon Valley, there is a scene where a character takes on the role of alter-ego to get a low price on certain services. To everyone’s surprise, it worked for him. This even works in real-life as well. That is why you see celebrities, sales representatives act out façade to their advantage. So, whenever you reckon that you are not confident about whether you will be able to pull off a given task, just talk to your alter the desired ego and ask him how he will act.

Try and play it out exactly in a way that person would. So, if you are in a tough spot, just talk to your alter ego for advice and things would unfold in your favour.


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Confidence life hacks

Final Thoughts

It is said that to radiate confidence all you got to do is to pretend to be confident. So, now that you have understood the life hacks to set the stage on fire with sheer confidence what are you waiting for!



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