Top 5 tips to remember before communicating online in 2020

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Back in the days, when technology was not a norm and people walked with head held high, communication was very intrinsic and organic. A sense of warmness among one another prevailed. However, much has changed now. The needle of the clock has seen it all. In this age of digital immersion, have are no more the same.

always remember

While a palm-fitting phone has completely transformed the social dynamic of the society, communication seeps in through every ‘notification’. How odd is to not browse through social media the entire day! How odd is it to not be updated on every event unfolding across oceans and glaciers! How odd is it to not update your ‘story’ on your social media profile for an entire day! A lot of emotions percolate through these words. Easing our ability to communicate with people all across the world, this digital world is also a test about how one can keep his head held high with positivity and confidence despite staring down at smartphones.

If you are someone who is struggling to have a powerful and impactful communication over the online mode, then this article is absolutely meant for you. Here is a list of tips and tricks that you must keep in mind before you feel that you didn’t put in efforts to connect with the person on the other end.

1. Follow “Netiquette”


Whether it be in real life or in the virtual space, when you are conversating with anyone it is of utmost importance to maintain the moral code of conduct. A relationship depends on how well you represent your soul. Your behaviour and your persona is the king if you really want to impress anyone. On that note, you must remember to be as polite as you would be in offline encounters. Acknowledging other people’s privacy and respect their time and space. Never attempt to over-text anyone because it will reflect your desperateness and it will ultimately go against you.

2. Use clear and concise language

An excellent way to give a captivating impression about yourself while chatting online is to be more concise and clearer with your thoughts and opinion. It helps in radiating a sense of inner confidence which resides within you in peace. All what is imperative is to bring out the beautiful flowers of love, respect and humbleness from the garden of your heart through proper use of words and sentences.

3. Do not spam

Spamming is an irritable habit in the online world. If your intention towards communication is not ethically right, it is really difficult to get along with the individual on the other side. Spamming is one such type of barrier that can stymie and derail your healthy conversations. Its an act of garnering attention which is generally not a right attitude. Avoid getting into this habit. Keep your mind in complete peace and not force yourself to communicate.

4. Be Yourself!
be yourself

Even if you ponder that things are not taking the right shape because of you, always remember it does not mean that the world is closing upon you. Darkness and light are two faces of a coin. It is to be drilled in the mind that the coin will flip, the murky clouds of despair will shy away and a scintillating sunray of hope and optimism will be waiting for you to come out!

Love yourself beyond your breath.

5. Seamless Conversation

seamless conversdation

Often in this odd race of attaining social validation from people around us, we tend to change our paths and follow someone else’s which turns outs to be counter-productive in reality. Having a seamless and connecting conversation is a key to attract the unfaced soul. With an intention to generate insight about other’s interests makes the conversation more meaningful.

Now that you have understood how to tick the right boxes of online communication, it is time to go out in the forum and get hold of some life-time of friends with your own charisma and swag.

If you have any more ideas, do the world know about them in the comment section below.



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