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Things everyone should know about the menstrual cycle. PERIOD.

Don't hide it-Understand it. PERIOD.

Menstruation is not only about shredding a little blood every month. There's more to it. As far as India is concerned all cheeks go red whenever menstruation-like topics are taken up. Well, that's why sex education and talking about such sensitive topics is necessary.

So if you are not aware,

Every mortal being with a uterus has to go through this 3-5 days of the process, which is scientific, shedding of uterine lining known as the endometrium. When one goes through this process, the lining prepares itself to nest a fertilized egg, but if that doesn't happen (that means the person is not pregnant) then the lining is no more required so it's shredded by the uterus resulting in the ejection of blood.

A minor note: Everyone needs to understand that not all women get periods and not everyone who gets them falls under the "she" category. Trans men can get their periods and trans women may not. So understand this small thing that it's a NATURAL HUMAN PROCESS and not just a WOMAN RELATED ISSUE.

Moving on...

Here are a few "should know" things for all the people out there who don't have to experience this natural issue.


Every 'body' is distinctive and has its own capacities. Some people might get deadly cramps whereas some may not. So first let me give you a logical explanation as to why this happens - when someone is down their body releases a hormone called prostaglandin which causes expansion and contraction of the uterus for proper flowing of blood, which causes an immense throbbing sensation near the abdomen. So next time you are with someone who is experiencing cramps, help them by supplying them with a hot-water bag or lukewarm water to drink, might as well pamper a little to establish a comforting environment.

PMSing is very REAL too

This is one thing that needs to be fitted in every brain cell of every human being.

So what exactly is PMSing?


Pms means pre-menstrual syndrome i.e anyone with it can suddenly start acting out. A super calm person can also go all beast-y or a strong-minded one can go all emotionally sensitive when this comes in the play. It basically starts 7-10 days before actual periods and is caused due to hormonal imbalance (estrogen, and progesterone fluctuation) which can cause terrible mood swings, emotional instability, anxiety attacks, and a lot more of that stuff. So if you meet someone who's going through PMS, keep your judgment with yourself and try to understand and help them through it by providing a supportive and positive atmosphere.

We either get really sensual or completely haphephobic (hates being touched) there is no in-between

The hormonal change that goes inside a person who is down is like a live ticking time bomb. You never know when they'll get all clingy or super grumpy. So take your steps wisely. And stop assuming about what the person has in their mind. Just talk it out and get clear also get to know more about what they are feeling and what's going in their mind.

We need space and ME-time

Periods can be very tiring for especially the ones who get loads of cramps and heavy bleeding flow. So if you witness someone who is laughing and crying at the same time by watching a video of a baby panda farting get your signal and mind your own business. Personal space and a little luxury time will make everything alright.

Chocolate cravings are irresistible

According to science,

when a person is down, the serotonin level in the body drops whereas cortisol level increases simultaneously i.e. the feel-good hormone decreases and stress or anxiety-inducing hormones come rushing in, which results in cravings for sugary foods which are potent in normalizing the feel-good hormone levels in the body and will help that person to cheer up instantly.


Keep yourself educated about stuff like this to avoid acting like a completely insensitive chump.

Periods is something that has always been a topic which when is brought up brings shame and disgust within others. The social stigma and old unnecessary, illogical myths have always been a heavy load on the person who is going through the natural process. For a long time period blood was associated with impurity, filth, and dirt. Even now in this so-called modern era, there are places where ancient beliefs are intact like banishing the person who is down, not allowing them to holy places, or pushing them to eat food when no one is around, not coming in physical contact with anyone, and many more.

So get these right,

Periods are not women's secret business it's natural and should be socially accepted

In fact, it's divine and is the main reason why a new life takes birth. So stop overwhelming and over-exaggerating yourself on this topic. It's normal, it's very natural, and is a topic that should be frequently 'talked and taught' about. From a younger age, everyone should be educated wisely about it.

That's it. These were a few points that are important for everyone to know.

Have a good day :)

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