• Riya Jadhav

Thin line between cooperation and competition


The line between these terms is surprisingly slim. Now you might wonder how this topic comes out of thin air and how it's going to give my readers that is you a sense of acquiring wisdom. We all know how crucial it is to chisel our communication skills.

Isn't it?

Just like every snowflake is unique-similarly every mortal being has its style for communication with others. For example, some might be more or less inclined to using deception, some are competitive, or some very collaborative. Summing it up altogether, this article will tell you a primitive idea about cooperation and competition and how and when we shift to one, according to our convenience and situation.

Let's dive right into it.

Take an example of a simple dinner gathering or say thanksgiving where everyone rejoices cooperation. At least everyone who is inside one's private circle.

Whereas on other hand take a huge Christmas sale at a mall or majorly a shopping street - people everywhere dashing in and getting their hands on biggest deals-there is fist fighting involved, and in some desperate and extreme cases you can also read up cases where people are killed for their materialistic obsessions.


Let's dive deeper- Take examples of 2 siblings, Cooperation is in their blood. Sibling love is beyond any bond, it's said, but at the same time, we also get to hear about sibling rivalry where the competition comes in for parental love or richness.

Humans have been on this globe for a very long time and with passaging time, we have learned and adopted a way of living where both cooperation and comparison go hand in hand.

Then what's the real trouble here?

Life is not a straight road it has its veiled discomforts and hardships in the aisle. It's very vital for all of us to master how to operate and keep a healthy balance between cooperation and competition.

Now that you know what it is,

Let's focus on why this shift from collaboration to competition or vice versa happens:

One is the availability of resources- more the resources available for an enormous mass more is the cooperation-lesser the opportunities or resources more is the competition.

Second, Social abilities. There's a reason why the human species are also called social beings. The human brain, when constrained to other social beings, can turn into a devil's head. Yes, we all fancy human contact. Without it, the human brain will start rotting, and feelings of anger, apathy, hallucinations will overwhelm one in no time. no wonder why the scariest punishment of all is ripping away one's social habitat.

And third is the dynamic nature of our surroundings, we all are developing and so is the globe -every day witnessing fresh stuff coming up we are always on the road to learn something new and upgrade our skill where competition comes in and plays its role. More opportunities to grow more is the competition to master it.

Cooperation in abundance can lead to your downfall and so does competition, but learning exactly when to wrestle between them is a real jewel to our treasury. We live in an era where comparing ourselves to someone better or worse starts as soon as we take birth. Making a strong mindset to allow constructive comparison to improve you, no matter how ugly it is, will take us a long way. It's correctly said "listen to everyone but, do what you think is right" based on the knowledge you possess, that's technically called a calculated decision-making skill which can be aced by practice. (also know that comparison can motivate you but can also throw us in the pit of self-doubt and can draw down our self-confidence so know when to back out to stay away from mental torments we create for ourself)

A lot of cooperation can also take you down. Deception and manipulation by others will keep you behind the curtain always, so identifying it is very necessary. Developing trusting relationships with people around you is needed but knowing the limits and terms of a relationship about how far can someone be trusted should be realized as a precaution is always better than cure.

Once these small and life-changing skills are mastered you can achieve anything you wish for.


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