The What, When, Where and How of Character Development.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020


Character Development
Character Development


What makes you a good person?

Helping the poor? Feeding the strays? Educating children who can’t afford it?

What is it, that will make you a perfect person with a character that would exist for centuries to remember, songs sung of your kindness, films portraying your bravery, tributes by weeping artists?

Eons of history, among the reigns of tyrants and virtuous, between the lines of epic sagas, the poignant love stories, and all we remember is their uprightness.

Their riposte to a particular difficult situation, their impulsiveness, their stupidity, their bravery, their fear basically their character.

In this selfish rat race, we are living in, running behind abstract things we turn a blind eye towards basic etiquettes on how we treat others as well as ourselves.

Famously said in Harry Potter, Sirius Black marked a redefinition of a character trait.

"If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."

— Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The earth we live in is just a tiny minuscule compared to the billions of galaxies. Character development is nothing but doing your bit of part so that this minuscule world could be a better place to live in and people would abide by the morals.


Character development is a book that you will never close. It is similar to music, it’s a never-ending journey. Each day you learn that tuning into another pitch would give out a completely different melody.

You develop it until your last breath because every human has a flaw and the journey of knocking those flaws out like bowling pins would take a lifetime. Nonetheless, it’s worth trying than never changing.

Our parents teach us morals, try to differentiate between right and wrong, the ways of living so that society wouldn’t shun us.

Once we reach the capability of thinking on our own when our mind questions a decision when we have a difference of opinion that’s when we know that we can make a decision on our own.

From crying to gain attention to feeling sympathetic and wanting to give a few coins to the beggar to feeling confused and nervous in choosing our career our character is always developing.

Certain situations shape our character, we learn from the mishaps that happened to us, we gain an empathetic attribute which helps us to integrate those traits forever to our character.

Character Development


Thousands of videos, hundreds of books are available in this millennial age on how to develop your character.

Unless the essence of the necessity for character growth isn’t lighted in the heart, developing character would be a difficult path.

Could we avail a perfect character by abiding the unwritten rules of society?

The uniqueness that we possess would fly away into obscurity the minute we start doing what other people want.

Fulfilling what SOCIETY wants would not make you a statement. Fulfilling what YOU need is the game-changer.

We reflect on what we perceive to be perfect. We set a person as our role models and whatever that person may do would be perfect for you. Be it negative traits or positive traits.

There comes the role of movies, TV shows, and books. When we get into the world of any one of these fictional arts, we tend to relate to any one of the characters most probably to the protagonist and that is why the portrayal of a perfect character is a necessary aspect to the audience because everybody likes a nice person right? Even if you may not do the same you appreciate those traits and it could one day influence you to adapt the same.

At the same time, the portrayal of an absolutely perfect character acts as a pressure to achieve some impossible traits.

The presentation of how the character wasn’t always keen on the tiniest detail on treating everyone the way it should be and instead revealed how he/she overthrew obstacles and gained the love of the people around them as well ignited self-worth is what makes an asserting impact.

The journey of Sansa Stark or Theon Greyjoy from the worldwide famous TV series Game of Thrones could be noted.

Both the characters had in the end achieved the love of the audience as well the love of the people in the fictional world.

It gives out a message even though you may be naive or evil you could change yourself for the ones you love and for all that has been done wrong to you.

The characters come out strong defying all odds, while one dies valiantly while the other rules as a Queen.

In the other case when Daenerys Stormborn had always wanted the Iron throne, she freed the slaves saved thousands of lives but her true character trait was always the need for the Iron Throne and that was evidently visible in the last season when she burned thousands of innocents just to get an iron chair made of swords. That is her character never developed, her personality is what was developed.

Character Development