Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The football heartthrob Alex Ferguson, whose mighty managerial skills gave an impetus to the underperforming English Premier club showed them the path towards glory.

The 21st ranked team in the 1986 Barclay’s league which was striving hard for accomplishment fortunately found the hands of the legendary manager of all time.

The 6-foot-tall stalwart who inevitably took the opportunity to raise the bar of success to an extraordinary level.

His impeccable desire for the team to cling the trophy will forever be cherished by the eternal fans of the club.

Decoding Ferguson’s philosophy

“Once a forward player, always a forward thinker” is what the 38-trophy winner attributed to.

The recalcitrant demeanor always stood tough as far as drawing the line of ethics is concerned.

The man of all seasons never lost hope whenever his 11-man troop failed to find their feet.

“You can’t ever lose control—not when you are dealing with 30 top professionals who are all millionaires” Ferguson offered.

He stuck to his philosophy which bolstered the club’s faith in him.

Fans and experts all over the world drooled over his exploits when the opposition seemed to chase Manu’s shadow in the Old Trafford.

His exit proved to be an indelible loss to not only the Red Devils but also to the soccer devotees around the globe.

The 49 trophies under his belt stand as a benchmark for all the sporting clubs.



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