The U.K Dominance: An Evil eye Towards the World

Updated: Jul 13, 2020


As rightly pointed out by Shelby Steele

“The evil of slavery and colonialism was that these operations kept their victims out of history disconnected them form the evolutionary struggle.”

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II ( Source: History.com)

It is indeed true that in the mid of the 20th century a quarter of the atlas was marked pink signifying the massive large scale British rule all over the world. Not only around 90% of the world's nations were under the control 10 Downing Street but also 42 million inhabitants making up 23% of the world's population could not escape the ill system of British governance. Hence it lends argument in favor of a famous say-

“The empire on which the sun never sets.”

British Raj stretching across oceans.

Let us take a look at how the world became a victim of British subjugation. Placing back to the 16th century, the British expanded its overseas colonies to the Americas and gradually brought the neighboring territories under its hard hands.

Eventually, 25% of world land surface including Swathes of North America, Australia, Africa, South America closely link to the empire. In the late 18th century, Great Britain landed on the territory of India with a vision to exploiting inhabitants and establish its trade late remerging as one of the epicenters of the white privileges. However, evil had to end. With the adamant of protest and struggles powered by invincible leaders, the wicked had to inevitably succumb in front of the innocence.

The bloody stains of British Raj

British Raj’s shambolic withdrawal from India in 1947 marked the end of a brutal and ruthless system that envisaged the philosophy of making business at the cost of bloody killings of the Indian workers. As per records, the British left the society with a 16% literacy rate, the life expectancy of 27, and 90% living below the poverty line.

The astonishing figures are regularly overlooked by the proponents of the abhorrent colonial rule. Adding to the misery of the poor Indians was the infamous Bengal famine of 1943 which swept away around 3 million lives owing to starvation and malnutrition due to lack of supply of edibles. Moreover, atrocities against humanities are not limited to South Asia and various other countries but to various other countries especially Africa.

Accompanied by massacre famine and the use of concentration camp by the British empire, the Boer population of Africa were the worst hit as around one-sixth of the population especially women and children along with black Africans in the early 20th century were thrown into concentration camp forcing them to meet their fate as a result of the loss of breadth.

Mau-mau uprisings in Kenya portrays a tail of plight which the ordinary people had to suffer through as modesty of millions of Mau tribes were snatched from them. Reparations of Euro 200 million are supposedly owed by the British government.

With the intention of conquering the world, the Britishers sowed the seeds for some of the worst disasters that have afflicted humanity.

The Britishers not only owe monetary repression to the nations which were under its control but also the wealth of moral ethics and values for which apparently their heads must always go down towards the world as a mark of respect to the countless lives lost due to poor negligence of the British raj which unfortunately cannot be monetarized.

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