• Riya Jadhav


Cardi B stuns in her gigantic red dress
If you are a die-hard fashion enthusiast then you will know how patiently yet eagerly we all wait for this festival to come every year!
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Rihanna's pope-inspired heavily embellished white strapless dress and headpiece

Celebrities from all over the world are invited from Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johannsson, Nick Jonas, Ezra Miller to Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, and Priyanka Chopra. Artists like Zayn, Rihanna, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and many more add loads of glamour and exoticism to this festival.

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Gigi Hadid wears Versace

Especially for models and supermodels the Met Gala is a golden opportunity as it is the biggest platform to express ones fashion in the rawest form, models like

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, Ashley Graham, Naomi Campbell, and many more are sighted in this spectacular event.

It's a very big deal and is very hyped!

But very few of us know why and what this festival is all about?

Isn't it?

Let me give you a small brief on it
Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute

Formally met gala was named as 'Costume Institute gala'.

It's a fundraiser that is dedicated to the 'Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute' in New York. This museum was previously named as the 'Anna Wintour costume center', who has been a chief chair member of museum gala since late 1995.

Normally, this gala is super well organized and is held on the first Monday of May every year.

And truly,

It's a very exclusive and elite festival and a lot of money and investments are involved.

Speaking about fashion influencers,

All the supermodels and high-end fashion aficionados are invited and are challenged to showcase their fashion through their artistry. Top class designers and fashion houses are generously invited and hired to create the most creative, visionary, and innovative fashion projects and then are presented on this international platform.

Kendall's black ombrè gown was embellished with 85,000 hand-placed crystals.

Every Met ball has its defined unique themes for example:

In 2015, the theme was "China: Through the Looking Glass" and now in 2020, its "About Time: Fashion and Duration", which is unfortunately postponed due to the pandemic.

Met Ball has enormous magnitude of value to every invitee.

Beyonce wears custom-made Givenchy dress made out of Talalay latex.

If it's about making a big fashion statement then there comes Beyonce and if you want to see some matching silvery and bling dresses then there you go, Kim and Kanye West walk down the red carpet. And when it's about making a political statement say about women's right we have Madonna right there standing next to paparazzi (reference: 2016 controversy of Madonna)

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Kim and Kanye in Met Gala 2017

Met ball is not just about Richie riches, celebrities, and high-class fashion houses. It takes a whole village to give it the right essence of its auspiciously fashionable aroma- Hundreds of photographers waiting for their perfect shots, Celebrities' personal bodyguards, And people who are just roaming around VIPs to keep in check with their costumes so that they can be clicked perfectly.


There's a lot of effort and a big master plan behind this very successful and popular festival.

Behind the scenes

Now you might wonder just like the younger me,

Is met gala free for celebrities or do they have to pay for walking on the red carpet in their extra looks?

After a good rigorous research, what I found out was unless you are a famed actor, a vogue editor, musician, or a super-wealthy business tycoon, it's not easy to attend the met gala, so watching it on TV with a bowl of popcorn and passing comments and opinions around is super convenient according to me.