The Process of breaking the glass of fear in life

Updated: Jul 24, 2020


Fear, anger, denial, adrenaline, confidence, anxiety so many emotions, all of them: interconnected. When one cracks, the others follow the path and the glass is completely shattered.

Our brain, particularly the amygdala is the one responsible for fear.

Fear takes many forms; it is one of the primitive traits of human beings. From creatures on the top of the food chain pyramid to the bottom of the pyramid, fear is an inescapable trait of our mundane lives.


The amygdala of the brain located close to the hippocampus is able to trigger activity in the hypothalamus. The nervous system gives the adrenal gland a poke and a dose of epinephrine is squirted into the bloodstream.

Parts of the brain involved in Fear Response

At the course of these actions, the blood pressure, blood sugar and white blood cells rise. The fatty acids are broken down into energy so that muscles could come into play if necessary.

Parts of Brain involved in Fear response

Other hormones ready the body for violent actions, boost activity in the heart and lungs, reduce activity in the intestines which could explain the butterflies in the stomach.

Muscles become tighter, causing piloerection, which is commonly called goosebumps. Goosebumps are not that useful to us but it makes furry animals look large and in turn instigate fear in the predators.

Fear is basically a lot of hormones acting up when we face danger or what we think is danger.


What if in the future just like the appendix that could be thrown away we could throw the factors that stimulate hormones for fear in our mind?

Never be scared

Medically the dryness of the throat, butterflies in stomach though uncomfortable they do have a purpose. They give you the energy to survive.

The connectivity of fear with survival acts as a major role. Without fear the bottom pyramid creatures wouldn’t have hidden in their holes fearing the predators and their survival could be ensured.

All our big dreams have a pinch of fear in them, we fear people wouldn’t like us, wouldn’t accept our work, that drive does make us work hard, add extra details, keen on trends. We pay attention to the work that we do. We take care of blemishes and add last-minute touch-ups.

Fear is not a negative energy if it doesn’t overpower us. If we channel the energy that we get from fear into productive work, we could break the chains that are holding us back to be the kings and queens.

There is no diagnosis for fear. Unless you try to understand your fears and not let it overpower you, no medicine could treat you. After all, it's just a bunch of hormones and glands that cause the effect which your brain is responsible for.

So who is the one charge in here exactly to control fear?

Fear is meant to alert you not to overpower you.


  1. The explanation for this is never defined, why do we fear the dark?

  2. Do we fear what is lurking in the dark, what exactly do we expect?

  3. Ghosts, ghouls, demons with burnt faces ready to eat our souls?

  4. Have we ever seen a demon except for the actors who are painted and made to look like a demon but how do we know that demons look like that?

  5. How do we know that ghosts who can slide through a wall, can eat our flesh without going through the flesh and fall face flat on the floor while attempting to?

  6. How do we know the aliens on the other planet are creatures with 3 eyes and large heads?

  7. Why do we fear to go onstage when we don’t know how our speech would go?

The fear of the unknown is partially irrational, it is a mixed combination of worry and anxiety.

Motivational quotes

To overcome it, believe in science. We have no proof of the unknown. Question the fear, venture out into the unknown and get to know your fear. Do you fear that there is a haunted doll in the attic of your house which starts moving at night? what if it doesn’t? What if the doll stays there? if the what-ifs are answered the fear of the unknown becomes known.

Fear is a necessity, fear is healthy, think about all the work that you have done and gotten appreciation for just because that tiny bit of fear reminded you there is a blemish. Those tiny details may have had a great impact.

So is fear really something to be feared of?

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