The phenomenal power of saying ‘NO’

By: Abhigyan Pandey

To say that life will flow in the right direction if you render complete freedom is a lot hysterical. It goes without saying that an individual needs to grip his life strongly in order to ensure that it does not 'slip' away from oneself. The fact that nature has developed a unique system wherein people breath in oxygen to keep themselves alive is a sign that you own your authority and nobody can usurp that power from you.

The power of Saying No

Not to everyone’s surprise, people generally tend to understand the above life-mantra at an age which already seems too late. To learn the art of living a successful life is to accept and follow what your gut feeling continuous to echo in your heart. One of the most amazing by-products of executing this mantra in your life is that confidence and optimism become your best friend for the rest of your life.

On that note, let us understand the significance of the word ‘NO’ which can help you connect with your soul at a deeper level. The power of ‘NO’ is worth a weapon to fight against internal conflicts and self-doubt. Its effectiveness to a great extent can be a vaccine to heal yourself. The two-letter word can help you adapt to difficult social circumstances.

Let us try and experience its power in the true sense of the term.

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There is no shame in saying “NO”:

Preluding with an interrogation:

How often it has happened with you that your friend has asked you out for a dinner but due to other important commitments, you tend to get into confusion and fall into mental discord?

Speaking out “NO” in the challenging turn of events may be difficult for you. However, you need to elicit the courage out to use the most powerful word in order to get out from the chain of circumstances which may become precarious to deal with over the course of the period. Ditch the feeling that you have to prove or approve your no because you don’t owe a clarification to anyone. With a calm and sedating mind, you can unlock your own decisions which can eventually help you shape your future.

Thus, it's important to trust your feeling, intuition and thinking to make the best choice.

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The power of Saying No

Saying ‘NO’ helps you understand what you love:

Sorting out the priorities in life can help you gear your life in the direction of truth. Setting the tone of the day, classifying your likes and dislikes can help you deal with myriads of problems in a nonchalant manner. Therefore, it is important to give your life the consideration it deserves. Always try not to let anybody or any circumstances remove that from you.

The power of Saying No

Saying “NO” gives your “Yes” more force:

Has it ever happened to you that an individual pitches his opinion to which you completely disagree because of its unethical and immoral tone? But to give the situation a tab-bit twist he or she turns out to be your best friend!

Eventually, nobody can deny the two-minded thoughts which hits the person during that time. However, it is expected that you radiate greater confidence when you speak your mind freely regardless of what argument your closest friend pitches out! You tend to generate greater credibility when you voice your honest opinion in public. Therefore, you must leave no stones unturned to draw a conclusion if at all ‘Yes’ then you must be proud of the fact that the decision has come out from your own gut and experience.

The power of Saying No

Saying ‘NO’ acts as a shield to cope yourself from getting misused:

It goes without saying that your agreeableness can give an opportunity for others to take you for granted. Given the fact that bully is a common phenomenon in a social environment, your ability to be the best version of yourself can give you an entitlement of ‘important’. Hence, people will definitely listen to your opinion. The core-life principle must be to be the master of your own decision.

Ending on a note that what matters at the end of your life is the degree of elation you experienced with each of your breath. Learning to be the Godfather of your life is a key to rule the world. Never drop your shoulders!

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