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Short length jeans that are just right for 2020

2020 has been the year of uncertainties, but that doesn’t mean your style needs to wait. Demin is the most versatile clothing option. One can never go wrong with any denim pieces, with different cuts, washes, shades and types denim is easily a classic piece in everyone’s wardrobe. Denim can be easily paired with any other clothing pieces; hence styling denim is way easier than you think. Especially denim shorts, mostly everyone owns a pair of denim shorts. They are the easiest to style and allows you to flaunt yourself without exposing too much for those who are not comfortable.

Here are tips for short length denim jeans that are just for 2020.

· A plain denim short

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of denim shorts. These shorts can easily be paired with any other piece of clothes. You can always buy a pair at your desired length, if you are not comfortable with the really short length, you can always look for pair at your desired length. Dressing the shorts with a graphic tee, oversized tee or a turtle neck with thigh-high boots or a high-rise boot. You can never go wrong with a simple outfit.

simple denim shorts

· Hight wasted shorts

High waisted shorts are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Many of us can often get conscious about our legs and waist while wearing shorts and mostly if they are low waisted. Hight waisted shorts simply takes your attention away from then and properly cinches your waist which gives you a desirable shape. Pairing these shorts with a simple shirt or top is the best with minimal jewellery and heels. You can always swap the heels out with converse or vans.

high waisted shorts

· Distressed denim shorts

Distressed denims are never going out of style, neither can you go wrong with one. Pairing this short with an oversized tee or maybe a sweatshirt, or pairing it with a spaghetti strap top and a flannel shirt on top. For shoes go for simple or dad sneakers or vans. Perfect of a simple day out with friends or maybe shopping for more clothes.

shorts for women
distressed shorts

· Flared shorts

For a little change and more comfort, you can switch up your pain denim shorts for flared ones. you can pair them with practically anything works, you can even try denim on denim by pairing them with a denim jacket. Accessorize the outfit with a belt to put the outfit together.

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shorts for women
flared denim shorts

· Mid length shorts

Mid-length shorts can be styled differently, with high waisted mid-length denim pair a crop top or tube top, you can wear a blazer on top to give a simple yet chic style. You can also pair them with sleeveless tees or turtle necks.

shorts for women
mid-length shorts

· DIY your shorts

This lockdown has left us with hours of free time in hand, so why not customize your own denim shorts however you like. DIY denim shorts are pretty popular with people transforming their simple piece with their own style. You can customize by adding lace detail, or maybe add your favourite pins or stitch in your favourite or can always paint and make something new out of your own creativity.

DIY painted shorts
Happy Styling!

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