• Thanushree Anil

Pythagoras: A man who saw the universe in numbers

When Pythagoras was asked why do humans exist, he said: “ to observe the heavens”.

Pythagoras of Samos, the Greek philosopher who is universally famous for his Pythagoras theorem that we use right up to this date is much more than his theorem; he wasn’t just famous for his numbers, he connected numbers with life. Pythagoras contributed in the field of mathematics, astronomy, music, geometry, cosmology.

Pythagoras had his religion, he believed that the soul goes through transmigration in many of the species in the world until it has attained purity, only then will the soul be freed and join the clouds above to the abode of God.

Pythagoras of Samos

He was considered as the son of the Greek God Apollo for his versatility and knowledge.

He formed a relationship between music and numbers, life and numbers, he proclaimed that all things full of life or lifeless are numbers.

Mathematics: Calculation

Mathematics: Mystic?

Pythagoras and his disciples, Pythagoreans used mathematics for mystical purposes. As all of them believed that everything and anything is comprised of numbers.

All even numbers are feminine and the odd, masculine.

The number one represented the origin of all things alive and lifeless. (THE MONAD)

The number two represented matter (THE DYAD), also as the symbol of the female principle.

The number three formed the triangle symbol of the god Apollo and the symbol of the male principle.

The number four represented the four-season(winter, summer, autumn, spring), the four elements(fire, water, air, earth) and justice.

Ten was regarded as the perfect number because 1+2+3+4 = 10, comprising of all the roots and their existence.

The coming together of number 2 and 3 would be 5 as in marriage.

Numerous interpretations exist since no original writings of Pythagoras exist.

According to the notes of Mary Holden, while editing the book Mrs Velvet and the Blue String Theory by Linda Heart, the Pythagoras theorem can be connected with psychology as in:

A2 +B2 =C2

a = denial as a function of thought by the human spirit;

b = acceptance as a function of thought/feeling by the human spirit;

c = expansion of the human spirit.

Like all things in the universe, constructive response to anything will result in the same, once you set the left foot forward and right following you make a step, a shift in the alignment of your body and you have a step. Whether forward or backward it is for you to decide.

A certain decision with determination stepped with positivity will result in productive work; a positive quantity times a positivity equals to a positive quantity giving the double the effect.

A deleterious unconstructive mind with a step forward will always pull you back to the negative realm, it would pull you back into the black hole of pessimism no matter how many steps you take forward.

A negative quantity times a negative quantity and you get a positive quantity.

Now, what would a negative quantity times a negative quantity give?

A positive quantity. That doesn’t quite add up doesn’t it? A negative emotion and a negative step should make you fall through the dark pits of Tartarus and plunge you into the never knowing dark.

Pretty dramatic at what could be, but right now we have a positive quantity on the right side of the ‘=’ so what does that mean?

Is it wrong?

Pythagoras connected everything with numbers
Pythagoras connected everything with numbers

Think about it, a negative quantity relating to psychology is related to denial, a denial that nothing is wrong with you, you don't have any flaws, you are on the right path.

Denial that you are completely fine times a denial that you know you are denying the fact that you are not fine comes out as acceptance of what you are facing currently.

Acceptance: positive quantity

Understanding that you are denying what you face, is not troubling you, can be an eye-opener and take an upbeat progressive step.

Now let's take a look at the equation once more

a2 +b2 =c2