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5 Extravagant Truths about Canadian Spirituality

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

By: Srijita Pathak

The idea of spirituality and the ambiguity around the various beliefs have predominantly been the topic of various discussions around the globe.

An art depicting the thoughts running on human mind
An art depicting the thoughts running on human mind

It invokes various contradictory values and ideas and is often considered to be a rigid value system.

There is beyond the religious aspect of spirituality. It is not limited to believing in the religious texts or taking part in various religious customs.

This article will help give you an insight into how spirituality can influence your life at a grass-root level and provide you certain life altering lessons.

Canada is a country in the continent of North America, it is considered to one of the most spiritual countries in the world.

What comes to your mind when you think of Canada?

Our minds inevitably divert to thoughts to the abundance of natural majestic wonders in the country. The snow-covered streets, and the various forms of snow-sports prevalent in the country.

This article will help you delve deeper into the lives of the native Canadian people and how ‘spirituality’ enhances their lifestyle.

The lives of the Canadian people comprise of various indigenous practices they adapt to in order to stay ‘spiritual’ Canadians pay utmost respect and importance to the celebration of various religious ceremonies among their own community.

They believe in the presence of god and the supremacy of the almighty and also the act of ‘giving back to the society’. The present generation believes in a more secular approach to the idea of religion. Certain people consider the presence of god to be ambiguous.

Benefit of reading this article: Know about Spirituality

Spirituality is an idea that is not restricted to believing in religion or religious practices, it teaches us a better way of life and teaches us better values.

It helps in an overall development of our minds and personalities by teaching us certain positive principles about life.

The Canadian Flag an epitome of Peace
The Canadian Flag an epitome of Peace

How can the teachings of spirituality help you?

1. The idea of charity

Spirituality is deeply embedded with the idea and act of charity. It believes in the ideology of giving back to the community. Philanthropy is considered to be an important value of spirituality across all cultures. It is directed at helping the less privileged in the society, in order to aim at an overall upbringing of the community.

2. The essence of community

The feeling of belongingness is given the third place in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and considered to be very important for an individual’s survival. Spirituality or religion provides a deep sense of belonging by creating a close-knit community of people with similar beliefs.

3. Looking at the wider perspective

Spirituality helps in developing at broader perspective, and imbibing broad-mindedness. It teaches us to see beyond the self and believe in a power that is beyond science. It helps create a place of belief, or provides us something to rely on to. It helps imbibe calmness and peace in our demeanor.

4. Respecting others

Spirituality teaches us respect everyone with equal dignity and foster healthy relationships with everyone around us. It teaches us to form better human bonds and also focuses on the idea of ‘equality’.

 Meditaion in Nature's Lap
Meditaion in Nature's Lap

5. Embracing imperfections

Spirituality teaches us to embrace imperfections, and not succumb to greed and gluttony. It also believes in the phrase of ‘what goes comes back around’ and harbors on the idea of reciprocity.

It teaches us to be happy and satisfied with what we have and embrace our own lives.

Spirituality can be imbibed in our lives irrespective of our faith in religion. It helps us develop a lot of positive habits which can help in the process of character development.

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