Overeating is a universal crime- Gandhi

By- Subhangee Mohanta

Mahatma Gandhi took great care of his health, especially the food that he ate. In his book ‘Key To The Health’ Mahatma Gandhi wrote that “Whilst it's true that a man cannot live without air and water, the thing that nourishes the body is food.

Hence the saying, food is life. Even though he took to fasting several times during his life, Gandhi was very particular about the food he consumed. He was strict with his going to the point of consuming only raw food during one point of his life.

Gandhi was particular, his diet was set and he firmly established what he preferred and how he classified the food he consumed. In his book, ‘Diet and Diet Reforms’ Gandhi opens up about his diet. “I generally take- 8 tolas of germinating wheat, 8 tolas of sweet tolas reduced to paste, 8 tolas of green leaves pounded, 6 sour lemons and 2 ounces of honey”.

His meals were taken in particular, likely twice in a day. Gandhi as known through his biographies also experimented with his food and diet that he followed. He changed his diet several times trying to find the one that suited his body. He found that fresh fruits are ideal for him.

Gandhi diet

As he said- “six-year of exterminating has shown me that brahmachari's ideal food is fresh food and nuts. The immunity from the passion that I enjoyed when I lived on this food was unknown to me after I changed that diet.

Talking through the eyes of medical science, the diet that Gandhi followed sits pretty closely with what doctors prescribe us to intake. Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with unpolished wheat, rice joar, bajra and other pulses.

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The diet that Gandhi followed is idealistic to maintain a healthy body. Many can argue this knowledge and practice of food and nutrition was more profound than his knowledge and practice of law.

Gandhi diet

A proper diet is exceptionally necessary for every person's life. With the promotion of positive body image, which is an extremely positive movement, people often start promoting obesity. A major cause of obesity is overeating. Overeating can also lead to several other health-related problems.

Your lifestyle is also reflected in the way you eat. Overeating generally makes a person lazy, it disrupts your hunger and changes your food pattern. Overeating can cause serious health repercussions, not just physically it also points towards your mental health.

Gandhi diet

Overeating is an indication of high anxiety. People suffering from an anxiety disorder often binge eat, sweets and junk food are pretty much escape routes, and this habit gradually changes to overeating.

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In short, overeating has heavy negative repercussions on your body, a clean diet always helps to keep your body fit. Not only that fact that it makes us more healthy, getting into a set nutritious diet helps in changing one's lifestyle and also improves our mental health.

Gandhi was very focused on diet and the food he consumed.

According to him a person's character can be judged by the way he eats, cooks and serves his food. The food on Gandhi's plate was always opinionated and never without a cause.

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