• Thanushree Anil

Never forget a name with these 4 hacks!

“A person's name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie

As human beings, no matter how cold or heartless a person is, everyone needs warmth, reassurance, and most importantly acknowledgement.

Remembering a name is becomes crucial in establishing relationships, whether personal or professional.

Lets look at the reason why we forget names.

The common reason is simple, you weren't paying attention. The importance of the conversation wasn't given and hence the name was forgotten.

The name could have been a common name and a difficulty in differentiating might have lead to you forgetting the name.

Another common reason is overestimating yourself, a simple thing as a name, to remember it you would think that it isn't a herculean task and give not much importance to actually remembering it and as a consequence, at the end of the day, you would forget it.

What's there in a name? Everything.


As mentioned above, focusing on the conversation, paying attention to the words uttered by the person, and clearly no daydreaming.

Know that you don't have to question your memory for not remembering a name, question your focusing, that's where work needs to be done.


While conversing find something relatable, it could be interests, passions, or even facial features. The features could resemble someone you know, their interests might fascinate you. Find a log in the river and you can hold onto it. Find something that will spark a memory when you remember the name and the person.



While you are conversing try to use the name in the sentences that you speak, exactly how you memorize school textbooks, repeat it out loud to get the brain to listen and memorize.

Don't be shy

In case you forget the names, there is no reason to be embarrassed to ask that person again, but when they do, remember to pay attention this time when they say their name. Ask them if you are pronouncing it correctly.

Happy Reading!



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