Mauritius: Where Life Comes To Still

Updated: Jul 11, 2020


Mauritius: Heaven on earth
Mauritius: Heaven on earth

In the words of Mark Twain, “ Mauritius was made first, and then heaven and heaven was copied after Mauritius”. These lines are enough to summarize the exhilarating natural scenes which Mauritius brings to human beings. A paradise for travelers and home for many, Mauritius has the inherent beauty to bring smiles on the faces from kids to aged adults.

Taking you to a virtual tour to this hotbed on earth from miles apart. Come let’s get on board.

With dynamic landscape and breath-taking natural beauty, Mauritius caters you to your craving for the land of dreams.


Mauritius shelters under its umbrella a huge population of 2.6 million people with utmost extravagance. Being a secular country Mauritius boasts Christianity, Islam along with Buddhism though the later is small in numbers. Since the island nation has always been under outsider's control, it treasures 68% Indo-Mauritians, 27% Creole (Mixed Africans), 3% Sino-Mauritians, and 2% hailing from a European background who all live with peace and harmony.


As the region reverberates an open and free atmosphere you cannot expect dance and music to not be a part and parcel of the Mauritian culture. Embracing their very own national music called Seja, the land of nature loves dancing to the tunes of rhythmic notes. It has originated from the African slaves who perhaps had a great understanding of the music. The 3 instruments which help them connect with the souls are the Ravanne, the Maravanne, and the triangle and guess what their legs compel them to perform some groovy moves even if they aren’t in a pub. Not to everyone's surprise, the Mauritian dance is also called Seja.

Cultural dance
Cultural dance


Mauritius food delicacies

Every country has its own unique dishes which sets them apart from others and Mauritian culture is no different. Achard, Camerons, Fish Vindaye, and rougalle are some of the goblin servings which captivates the traveled in Mauritius. Also adding to the glory of mouth-watering dishes, Chinese food remains prominent in this African country as many restaurants are owned by them moreover as spicy food lovers Mauritians love for street food goes unparalleled. With samosa and noodles quenching the hunger of its people, snacks have made a chilly and spicy place in their already illustrious taste buds.

Places that may snatch your sleep.


Home to extraordinary majestic natural beauty Mauritius treasures some of the best beaches to surf, dive, and relax under the scintillating sun. From white beaches to grand basin your eyes might stop blinking in awe. moreover, it has white beaches which are rarely found in countries across the ocean. Other major flashpoints remain as La Downtown, Port Louis Casella, Nature park, Chamonel Waterfall, Peyerbere beach.

Trou aux Beaches

If you want to witness one of the leading Beach destinations in the world then visiting Trou aux Biches is a must. The turquoise and the serene blue waters of the beach makes it one of the most beautiful looking beaches in Mauritius.

Ile Aux Cerfs (Island) Beach at East Coast

Ile aux Cerfs Island is like a heaven on earth. The rushing breeze and the waters mounting over the rocks can dwell you deep into yourself and help you heal your mind with spirituality. There was a time when several deer were also found in these islands.

Blue Bay Beach

If you are looking for an amazing snorkeling experience then this the place to be. The beach is not only beautiful but is an amazing place to spend some quiet time.

Flic en Flac

Witness paradise on earth by visiting one of the most beautiful beaches Flic en Flac. It not only holds a whimsical name but is still considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches, Mauritius has ever had.

Hence it is advisable to book your return tickets all together cause perhaps you might end up living in Mauritius for a lifetime. Such is the enthralling experience which leaves an indelible mark in the minds of all the intrepid tourists. 

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