Master the 5 mind blowing lessons from Iceland for a peaceful life in 2020

By: Abhigyan Pandey

If you are someone who loves exploring different cultures across the world, then this article is meant for you. Focusing on an exotic nation which boasts as one of the most peaceful nation in the world for the past 12 years, we have made an effort to decode the reasons as to why this small country at the top of the European continent has been bagged the gold medal for so long. Yes, interestingly this tad nation is none other than Iceland.

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a country with a capital called Reykjavík makes a unique distinction as far as social life is concerned. According to statistics, every individual maintains a blood relation with each other.

With eyebrows already raised, let us move on to understand the 5 major reasons why Iceland is the most loved place for all the tourists in the world.

Picture  showcasing Icelander's love for their nation
Picture showcasing Icelander's love for their nation

1. Mutual respect

In what can be a major shot in the arm of the people of powerful countries, Icelanders believe that propagating respect for other human beings is quintessential to lead a life free from grudges.

Inducing a philosophy of spreading love for each soul has left an indelible mark for the next generations of Icelanders to draw themselves on the direction of justice as far as the meaning of life is concerned. One must imbibe this inherent quality to understand the purpose of life.

2. Generosity

What may surprise you is the Icelander's decent and docile demeanor which indeed separates them apart from other cultures stretching across oceans. Practicing an intrinsic vibe of helping each other directly from the soul, Iceland does not disappoint its visitors at all.

Jealousy, envious have never been a part of the philosophical dictionary of Iceland. (Fun Fact; The president himself rejected a modification of his vehicle to be bullet-proof because there was simply no risk to his personal safety indicating that there is no whit collar privilege which exists in country. )

Icelanders showing their love for nature
Icelanders showing their love for nature

3. Viewing people from an equal eye

One of the most prominent lesson which Iceland enshrines to the world is its exceptional ability to perceive humans as humans only. 'Like the most have always found a way to classify each other and Iceland is no exception.

The difference, however, is that there are certain protections in Iceland in place to reduce inequities. What lends argument in favour of Icelanders as far as equality is concerned is that women in Iceland can’t be paid less than men for the same work. Iceland has put in hard yards to stick to the fundamentals of rationality.

Same-sex marriage is legal and so is same-sex adoption. Trans Iceland is a very active organization and has the backing of the locals. Everyone can practice their religion and just recently Reykjavik provided plots to build a mosque and a Pagan religious center. All these adds extra feathers in the already illustrious cap of Iceland.

4. Embrace a sport

Icelanders never hesitate to take a shot if you throw any sport to them, the main reason as to why Iceland outperforms big powerful teams in the world of Football and other sports. Despite treasuring a very small population, Iceland has always shown tremendous prowess in the international arena.

Icelanders unites and exults for their National Sporting team
Icelanders unites and exults

The people love to engage in sports as they believe sports has a lesson embedded within it. It has a great capacity to unite everyone for a cause.

No doubt the camaraderie shared between the Icelanders play an instrumental role if the sporting teams of Iceland stands on the podium in every giant tournament.

5. Engage in Social work activities

It is rightly said and believed that helping the society in the times of crisis help you to develop empathy in life.

However, Icelanders never wait for the crisis to arrive. Their innate drive of being a catalyst for a better society has given them a spiritual power of empathy from the time of their birth. Hence, love is contagious.

Keep spreading love and positivity to the society causer that is the soul reason of one’s existence in the world.

Though Iceland hosts a small population but it does not take away the fact that it continues to ignite the hope for the world that bright days are up ahead in the world full of apathy and toxicity.

Discontinuing with a hope that you too understand the spiritual philosophy of Iceland and bring it down in your daily busy life.

Food for thought!

If a small nation of around 3 lakh people can show the world the real path of greatness, then an individual can too ignites a spark of modesty in the same world of which Iceland is a part of.

Spread love to get love!

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