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Albeit in East but firmly stands at "center" as far as the propagation of cultural ethnicity is concerned. One of the sisters among the seven, Manipur is considered to be the hotbed of beauty. With dramatic landscape and majestic natural aura, the state located 2,407 km away from the capital of India caters its visitors with an exquisite culture that keeps them awestruck.

What adds feather to the Manipur's cap?

Besides its rich heritage, the state which endorses 41% of tribals produces some of the finest handicraft and handloom products which are sold at exorbitant prices at the international market extending a big hand of contribution towards the Indian economy. Its luscious and swanky designs sets it apart from the others.

Folk Dance of Manipur
Folk Dance of Manipur

Exotic folk Dances whose moves bring smiles

We have enlisted below a list of Dance forms and patterns which is performed with sheer delight by both the tribals and mainstreams present in the state.

The Ras Lila: It stands as the epitome of Manipuri classical dance which is inter-woven through the celestial and eternal love of Radha and Krishna as has been described in the Hindu scriptures and reveals the sublime and transcendent love of Krishna and Radha and the Gopies devotion to the Lord.

Nupa Pala: Grabbing a different tag, this dance pattern is also called as martial Cholam or Cymbal Dance. It is a major folk of the Manipuri style of Dance and Music. Performed by the Male partners using cymbals and wearing snow-white ball shape large turbans who sing and dance to the accomplishment of Mridanga, an ancient classical drum "Pung" as it is called in Manipuri.

Pung Cholam: Considered as the soul of Manipuri sanskritana Music and classical Manipuri Dance, Pung or Manipuri Mridanga adds swanky flavor to the dancing tunes. It assumes an important ritual characteristics as an indispensable part of all social and devotion ceremonies in Manipur.

Using intricate rhythms and cross-rhythms with varying markings of time from the slow to the quick with grace and vigor, this traditional dance form can intrinsically make you step up to join the group.

Maibi Dance: Usually famous among the major inhabitants of the valley of Manipur called Meiteis, this folk is a kind of rediving in the way of life of the past. It features the construction of houses and various occupations of the people to sustain themselves with grace and elegance.

Khamba thoibi dance: A duet if Male and female partners, a dance dedicated to the slyvon in diety Thangjing of Moirung is the depiction of the dance performed by khamba and Thoibi, the hero and heroine of the Moirang episode of the hoary past.

Manipuri Dish
Manipuri Dish

If you are a foodie then imagine yourself in a Manipuri restaurant and you are served with mouthwatering dishes? Drooling over food is nothing new for the tourists vacationing in the land of Manipur.

Given a label of one of the healthiest cuisine in the country, it avoids oil and other fatty items owing to the hilly areas. They prefer the use of organic ingredients over preservative added products. Adding to it, they have chosen chili pepper as the answer to the question of substitution of Garam masala.

Without further ado, let's give our eyes the pleasure to know the plethora of dishes consumed by the Manipuris.

1. Chamthong or Kangshoi- Vegetable stew which is made of seasoned veggies that are boiled and flavoured with sliced onions, cloves, garlic, Mario and a bit of ginger

2. Eromba- Served after a great effort, it is essential for any traveler to Get their hands under Eromba because it is made with a myriad of veggies and a fermented fish adding extra yummy taste when given a bite.

3. Morok Metpa- One of the most liked Delicacies among the people, it requires a bit of hard work. It is prepared using dried green chillies. The chillies are mashed into a paste and then boiled with some Ngari fish. Once again, it is mashed and then sprinkled with salt. Enjoy it with all kinds of meals.

Manipur Festival
Manipur Festival

Moving on to the festival's of Manipur, let us find out what makes the entire state come together to celebrate with love and kindness?

Lai Harouba:-

Celebrated in the hour of the sylvan deities known as Umang Lai, the festival represents the worship of traditional deities and ancestors. A number of dances by both men and women are performed before the ancient divinities.

Yaoshang :-

Celebrated for five days commencing from the full-moon day of Phalgun (February/March), Yaoshang is the premier festival of Manipur. The Thabal Chongba, a kind of Manipuri folk dance in which boys and girls hold hands and dance away their blues in festive tube-lit ambiance is an inseparable part of the festival.

Kang Amasung kanglen: -

One of the greatest festivals of the Hindus of Manipur, the festival is celebrated for about 10 days in the month of Ingen (June/July). Lord Jagannath leaves his temple in a Rath locally known as Kang pulled by pilgrims who vie with one another for this honor.

With a detailed understanding of what Manipuri culture serves to India, it becomes imperative for every Indian to respect and preserve it's heritage as it adds colors of unity and integrity to India. The land of wisdom with sweetness in the hearts of the people, the time calls for revitalizing its cultural heritage and propagate it to the world.

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