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Lock (down) your phone

2020 so far has been different and yet similar for all of us. Within months, our definitions of social customs, gatherings, and interpersonal relations have been altered to adopt an ongoing pandemic. Many have used this time to find themselves, try new hobbies and explore new routines that get lost in the storm of their normal lives. ‘Many’, however, does not include everyone. The rest have a companion that never leaves their side. Entertaining is an understatement to describe this little flat brick of technology that has our lives bundles up inside; but is your sleek little cellphone taking away what could be the turning point in your life?

At the risk of seeming two generations older, here are some poison pills your phone might be feeding you along with the antidotes:

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Blocking creativity

While the internet provides an online platform for all sorts of talents, skills and creativity, spending too much time admiring these creative talents can distort your own creative process. If you experience creative blocks often, you might want to check on the time you spend online. You might not be able to take a stroll in a park to clear your mind but you can lessen the crowd in your head and lower the virtual noises.

Burning your eyes out

One of the most notorious reasons to ditch your phone is that it will leave your eyes weak and probably watering. Staring at the screen for a prolonged period of time and especially on the smaller screen of a cell phone is very harmful to your eyes due to the radiation and intensity of light that is projected into our strained eyes.

Tunnel vision

The internet has become a massive sea of content and opinions and we mostly follow some specific streams, and before we even notice it, our feeds get monotonous and so do our thoughts. If we follow similar types of content, our thought process is less likely to expand or explore new avenues. While this might not seem harmful usually; in a restless time like this it is important to keep ourselves aware of all different kinds of things so that in the long term we do not get bored or narrow-minded.

Sleep schedule

Normal or relatable the sleeping on the couch scenario might be we all wake up tired and screen hangover in the morning. may it be watching that one last episode or continuously scrolling into the bottomless feed, the end result is a lack of sleep and therefore a well rested mind. If you are vulnerable to anxious thoughts, restlessness and panic, please make sure that you follow a proper sleep schedule.

Ye olde FOMO

Who does not get a little panicky after missing the newest trend online or if their friend simply forgets to spill the tea? You might think it is only a small fraction of people or a great one excluding you; but if you furiously tap through your phone after keeping it down for 15 minutes there is some more news for you. One thing you can be sure of is that no one is having those pricey, fancy vacations that you always dreamed of. Maybe they're baking their best bread or developing their best little garden and you might not have those things locked down with you right now. This pandemic has provided the perfect solution for that : to understand that all of us are stuck in our homes in different situations and different sets of problems as well as opportunities and come to terms with the simple fact.

Set times for social media

Even under normal circumstances it had become a norm to have a phone with you 24x7 and now there seem to be no excuses for missing calls, late submissions or even a delay in replying to messages. So how will you convince others and yourself that there are other things you can do instead of being on your phone? The answer is to simply not care. It might seem hard at first as we’re so used to communicating extensively using phones and right now they are the only means of communication but what ways more is your personal time and your health. so set times for your social media and let your friends and acquaintances know that these are the boundaries you are set for yourself.

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