KERALA: An exhilarating Culture which dishes rich Heritage

Updated: Jun 25, 2020


Dance form in Kerela
A traditional dance form in Kerela

Have you ever wondered what separates Kerala from other exotic cultures of the world? If not, then you are at the right place. We are here to share with you a glimpse of one of the most disciplined cultures for which words may fall short to adore.

The sweetness of Kerala lies in the heart of the people. Treasuring the blend of both Indian and Dravidian culture, the U.S.P of Kerala is its contagious arts and captivating heritage travellers across the globe.

Dance Tradition

Stating about arts, let us explore the myriad of dance styles found in the region:-

• Kathakali- A 300 years old practice that encapsulates opera-ballet, masque and pantomime.

• Mohiniyattam: A typical classical dance which is performed only by women. Originating in the 16th century, it is considered as the 8th classical dance by Sangeet Natak Academy.

• Kalaripayattu- A martial art form that involves synchronization of mind and body.

With this eye-catching dance patterns, it is time to move on to the vibrant festivals celebrated in the southern part of India. Out of its many festivals like Onam, Vishu and Eid-- Thrissurpooram is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. The central aspect is the procession where elephants are decorated and taken out to the temple grounds.

Another aspect for which every Keralite is proud of is its Ayurveda. An ancient treatment dating back to 2000 years has now become a significant cure for almost every medical tourists coming from different parts of the world whose recovery is cent per cent confirmed.

Language of communication being Malayalam, men love to attire lungi and mundu, whereas women look beautiful in sarees which epitomises their culture.Yes, it's time to drool over the swanky dishes as we switch over to lesson their cuisine.

With sadhya dominating the main coarse which is served in a plantain leaf, other scrumptious servings include various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

From pattu and kadala( Pounded Rice with black gram curry),kallappam(pancake with a hint of toddy) Idiappan(rice-noodles), karimeen (pearl spot), Ferry,chemen (prawn) to nandu( crab), you can't stop to gobble over these delicious items when served on your plate.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerela
Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerela


If you are planning to tour Kerala, then make sure Munnar hits the top of the 'places to go' list. Known for tea plantation, the hill station situated in 5000-8000 ft. Above sea level. Adding to this, if you are a trekker, then do not say 'No' to anamudi in Munnar as it is considered as the ideal spot for the trekkers.

Hence, the tourism sector is bolstered by houseboats present in the backwaters of Kerala, leaving you awestruck by the beauty of it. Massive in size, slow-moving barges mainly used for leisure trips. It has essentially the capacity to make your trip to Kerala a memorable one.

So it's time that you pack your travel bags, and lace up your boots cause saying "no" is not an option to the God's own country.

In the words of Rekha Menon

" God's own country

Or heaven or earth

A place full of mountains

Greenary and stream

Oh, Kerala! God created you with utmost care.

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