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4 jaw-dropping ways how artsy fashion can help you groove

What is artsy fashion?

Artsy fashion is creating a style of your own without following any ongoing fashion trends. It is creating some unconventional looks without going for the traditional way. It may include bold colours, prints, designs, silhouettes, embellishments, etc. People who are into artsy fashion have their handcrafted creations in their wardrobe more than pieces of other designers. This kind of style is all about one’s creativity.

Artsy fashion
Artsy Fashion Outfit

Why should you indulge in artsy fashion?

People indulging in artsy fashion are highly creative. They love to stand out from the crowd by their creativity. Artsy fashion style is highly flexible and you can be bold and experimental with different elements of fashion and find out which suits perfectly on you.

You can always put out a strong message to society by indulging in an artsy fashion style. You can always assure the quality and comfort of your clothing as you can be the one creating it. The best part about this type of fashion is that it will help you bring out your real persona as it gives you total freedom of styling.

Artsy fashion
Rock your style iin the streets

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Let’s see how we can dress up in artsy style while keeping on our mind our style.

1) Jewellery are love

If you are a fan of jewellery then you can always experiment with them.

Ditch your gold and diamond jewellery and dainty jewellery and opt for different materials.

Try out handmade designs, jewellery made of earthy materials, jewellery made by rural artisans.

If you want to go for safer options, opt for silver chunk jewellery or copper and brass jewellery.

You can pair chuck jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, and bangles with your formal outfits, ethnic outfits as well as dresses. It will give you a bohemian look.

Artsy fashion
Add jewelry to your outfit

2.) Paint your heart out

If you love to paint then why not go ahead and use your outfits as your canvas.

You can paint or write various slogans on your t-shirts and shirts and denim jackets or jeans and give it a different vibe altogether.

You can also paint your keds shoes the way you want adding vibrant colours or prints of your choice.

You can also try different cut-out designs on the collar area of your shirts or the neckline of your t-shirts. It changes the look of your outfit and gives it an essence of your own.

You could also try and paint your saree - buy a cotton(or any other material which can be painted on) cloth of 6 yards and try and paint something which tells a story you want to put in front of the world.

Artsy fashion
Self painted t-shirt dress

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3) Add that bling

You can add an oomph factor to your clothing by attaching some sequins or embellishments.

Decorate the collars of your shirts or blazers by adding embellishments or sequins and make it more attractive.

Similarly, add these to any clothing piece of your choice and give a touch of your art.

Artsy fashion
Embellished blazer

4) DIY (Do It Yourself)

Do not throw away your old garments. They can always be recycled and reused. You can literally DIY any piece of clothing you want.

Turn a spaghetti to a tube top or a crop top, a shirt into an off-shoulder top, a pair of jeans into shorts, and also wrap your scarves over your bralettes and give it an amazing look. You can even turn your chiffon sarees to gowns without stitching. Youtube tutorials come handy in these cases.

Artsy fashion
DIY your old t-shirt

These are some of the ways how to can indulge yourself in an artsy fashion and manage to turn heads wherever you go.

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