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Isolation Blues: Easy tips and tricks to plug yourself out

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

We have all got our taste of isolation in these past couple months. To be honest it feels like these weeks have been extended to months and now maybe a year.

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You must have noticed that when we first started with lockdown, everyone was all over their social media with their feelings and thoughts about the ‘situation'. And now, we are simply adapting to the small changes that bring about a complete makeover in our everyday routines.

The more we adapt to the new lifestyle, the more we lose a part of our old selves.

However, change is the only constant thing in the universe and as much as we would go back to 'normal' times, there is no other option than to go with what's happening.

It's not easy to live in isolation and make that a permanent lifestyle though.

Here are some small things you can keep in mind to get you out of the boredom and contribute towards personal development.


Ask any introvert and they will tell you why staying in one room for the whole day doesn't bother them - their imagination often runs wild and free beyond the physical limits of the room.

Fiction, even poetry helps to create a beautiful imagery in your mind that can take your mind off when real life becomes too much to handle.

isolation, personal growth, routine, everyday rotuine, wuarantine routine, self-isolation,  pandemic, imagination, creativity

Even if you are not a reader or a fan of the fiction genre, do give a chance to some classic fictions like Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings, etc.

Famous fictional series also come with a large fandom you can connect with and make new friends online!


It seems as if in the first two months, everyone poured their creativity into baking, cooking, painting etc and now everyone seems to be tired and out of the vacation mood.

And now it is also difficult to buy any new things without being paranoid about it.

Whenever you feel like you are running out of things or you simply do not have anything to do, think about the people who were stuck away from their homes, even in foreign countries, with nothing but the basic necessities.

In such a time and with limited resources, how will you get yourself to feel creative and alive?

Indulge in small activities that do not need any special materials like reusing old items to make something new or creatively making use of whatever ingredients you have.

isolation, personal growth, routine, everyday rotuine, wuarantine routine, self-isolation,  pandemic


From making the unwanted choice of video calling and being worried about how to attend meetings from our home, we have come to a point where our worry seems to be - which platform to choose? Zoom or Google Meet?

I hope after the pandemic, attending meetings in pyjamas becomes the new normal.

It is of course one of the greatest advantages of technological development that we can connect with our loved ones sitting miles apart.

It is hard to imagine what isolation would be like if we didn't have the technology available and how people lived like that during the previous plagues.

The virtual backgrounds and time lags can never compare to hanging out in real life and spending time discussing unnecessary small details with your friend and family.

So the next time you are calling your friends don't be shy to initiate conversation about the smallest and simplest things you would talk about.

This will not only make your relationship stronger, but you will also get rid of the restlessness and eagerness to hang out with them physically.


How can you make yourself feel that you are in a new place, even though it's the same space?

The answer is redecorating!

Here are some fun redecorating ideas to try.

Move around the furniture a bit, change your decor and enjoy the experience of a whole different place!