Is Online Education the Future?

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With Covid-19 shaking hands with the traditional education system, it's time to unlock the modern solution. Now, what's the future? They say it's great to accept things the way it stands out. Indeed, change is the only constant. While Covid-19 didn't seem to ring the warning bells, leaving us to a whole new pattern of learning which is through the electronic media.

With that being said let's explore what's digital education has got under its belt.

The conventional manner of learning has been teacher-centric which stands as a complete 180° opposite to the modern solution.

What's the debate about?

Online Education: The future of Schooling
Online Education: The future of Schooling

A section of educationalists believe that education can only be imparted at an institution since it has the capacity to instill values, discipline and morals in young minds.

Unlike the propagators of the traditional system, a section of reformers opine that education needs to join hands with time. Education must go hand in hand with the new age advancement lending weight to the argument for digital form of learning.

While the former believe in 'on-campus' educational amendments unlike the later who firmly holds that education should be brought within the tip of the child's hand.

Benefits of Digital transformation of education

With tools and technology sharpening critical thinking skills and analytic reasoning, digital learning brings to young children a myriad of advantages.

People stress on the fact that Digital learning would put an end to communication and social skills.

However, it is far from reality as interactive social skill games are excellent learning tools that teach children discipline because playing games require children to follow rules and guidelines in order to participate.

Moreover, since it's a game they tend to stick longer because playing itself is rewarding.

Rendering an advantage of self-directed learning skills, e-learning is far more interactive and memorable than voluminous textbooks which promise to provide you with raw information without any practical Implementation.

This mode of learning promotes 'learning-by-doing' which helps students in their overall holistic development of personality.

By helping students think outside their typical learning modules, digital learning facilitates creativity and let's children feel a sense of accomplishment which encourages further learning.

Future of online education

The other side of the coin

It's rightly said that there is never an end to improvement. The conservatives point out that the new-age tech-savvy education system can derail a child's ability to learn social norms and good habits.

Reforms are required and so mandatory but should be made keeping classroom mode of learning in mind.

According to them, the initial years of a child's upbringing plays a pivotal role in his thought process and mental perception which cannot be well processed if confined to the rooms of the house.

Moreover, they stress the importance of classroom learning for a student as it inculcates manners and decorum which is expected to be present within the learner.

So, what's the future?

Now that we have explored the two sides of the coin, one aspect which remains common among the perspectives is that they both call for a "change".

It is said that change is the only constant. Knowing the fact that the future is digital it becomes important for the gen-next to get accustomed to the world of the keyboard.

While the pandemic continues to create a noise, it's time for the students to step into the world of e-learning without any question.

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