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Is liberation what you call as westernization?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

India, the country where all sorts of people live and mingle.



India has been the homeland to thousands and more generations, epic sagas wereIndia written on her land. We have had gods and demons tread the land. We have traditions of centuries.

What was the need for traditions? Who created them?

Ancient India had a lot of ingenious, Indians knew about space and astronomy before it was confirmed by modern-day equipment.

Are we Indians extremely superstitious or are we fact-checkers?

Whether it be any religion, we all have religious scriptures to bring order in our lives. We have rules to abide by, the way we live.


December 23rd, 2012, India saw protests at India gate with rage and a thirst for justice like never before. Men and women of all ages working in an MNC or a sweeper amassed with just one voice ‘ We want justice’. 23-year-old Jyothi was brutally gang-raped inside a moving bus which left half the population in fear and half the population in rage and disgust.

Protests at the India Gate
Protests at the India Gate

In 21st century India, where we have clear judicial systems. Laws and regulations for us to live our lives in peace, it took 7 long agonizing searing hellish years to give her justice.

Advocate AP Singh took the case of accused and supported them by questioning the victim’s character.

He even went to say when he was asked if he would have taken the case, had Jyoti been his daughter -- ‘If she was my daughter, I would have poured petrol on her and let her burn’. He asked, ‘Pawan’s mother is handicapped, Vinay has a young son–who will look after them?’ When a journalist asked him, ‘What about Jyoti’s mother?’, he said, ‘What about her? She didn’t even know where her own daughter was that night!’


In May 2014, Seema Smarudhi took upon the case. She relentlessly fought with Jyothi’s parents to bring her the much-deserved justice. Against an intolerant biased man, she fought against him even after the many tricks he had on his sleeves.

seema samriddhi kushwaha
Seema Samriddhi Kushwaha

Every single time he found a loophole to delay the execution and one more sunrise the convicts saw. 7 years and uncompromising fights, the convicts were hanged and justice was served.

To get justice for one daughter of India, it took years and obstinate bouts to get justice. The proof, the evidence all visible to the naked eye as well the blinded eyes took so long because of bigoted mindsets.

So is it westernization that we intend to explore or liberation to expand where we give the priority to the heinous acts that were done to her body and family and not the location of a girl, what she wore and whom she was with at night.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender; a group of individuals who don’t adopt, who ARE born with their sexual preferences other than the usual man-woman.

Homosexuality has existed long before traditions and customs took a root. It is nothing new, tales of ancient stories can be traced back to find the evidence for homosexuality though the activities were not mainstream.

LGBT peaceful protests

LGBT existed but never was acknowledged. People forgot that they were humans too. Love is an unconditional abstract form of emotion. Why bother if the love is towards a man or a woman. It is after all love.

Mughal dynasty emperor Babur of the 16th and 17th centuries wrote without a tinge of embarrassment for his love for men.

Historians do make a note that it was once the British raj took hold of India, did the children of India started looking at a more conservative outlook. It became sturdy after independence.

Fascinating stories of homosexuality can be read in the epic sagas.

How is giving the LGBT community equal rights and most importantly treating them as humans, westernization, and not liberation?

breaking the chain
Liberate yourself

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