International yoga day: A pride of India

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev shares an insight on  spiritual aspect of Yoga
Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev shares an insight on spiritual aspect of Yoga

Approaching 6th International YOGA Day: A reason to grin

As the world looks forward to don workout clad on 21st June 2020 to celebrate the international yoga day, India feels ecstatic about the decimation of its 2000-year-old practice across the globe.

How India capitalized International YOGA day?

On 27th September 2014, the incumbent prime minister of India Narendra Modi, during his speech in the United Nations general assembly, proposed the idea of dedicating a day of the year to yoga. He further added in his keynote address, the day of 21st June to be chosen for the purpose. Backed by the argument that it is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, called Summer solstice, the prime minister voiced confidently in favor of the day.

Following this initial proposal, the UNGA held informal consultation on the draft resolution entitles International Day of YOGA on 14th October 2014.

As developments unfolded, India's permanent representative, Asoke Mukherji, introduced the draft resolution in the UNGA.To everyone’s surprise, 177 nations sponsored the resolution helping the draft position itself on the top of the shelf.

Ever since then, YOGA switched into an international event with countries uniting together on every 21st June of the year to spread the importance of YOGA among all cultures throughout the world. To commemorate the international yoga day, in 2015, the reserve bank of India issued a 10 rupee coin as a mark of respect.

How India jubilated to celebrate the recognition of International Yoga Day?

As praises poured down from different pickets of the world, Art of Living founder Shri Shri Ravi Shankar stood among the first to congratulate PM Modi for this move. He offered, “It is very difficult for any philosophy religion or culture to survive without state patronage. Yoga has existed so far, almost like an orphan. With now offered recognition from the United nations would spread the benefit of yoga to the entire world."

What's the theme of this year's International YOGA Day?

As we stand on the threshold of the 6th international yoga day, the entire world continues to emphatically fight against Covid-19. The majority of the world, which continues to remain indoors, this year’s international yoga day will be organized in not so usual fashion.

The theme has been set as “YOGA at home” by the united nations indicating a big “NO” to public gatherings. According to the united nation, while social distancing is a measure to fight against COVID 19 pandemic, it has eventually led to shutting down of Yoga studios, practitioners who have suddenly turned to home practices and online resource.

India to have no different plans. Ministry of Ayush, under the campaign of “Yoga at home or yoga with family,” urging people to remain inside home and keeping themselves fit by performing yoga sans.

Asking citizens to perform not only Surya namaskar and tadasana but also Bhujangasana and trikonasana, the government is inclined towards propagating fitness as a part of a daily busy lifestyle.

The initiative is bound to bring great results as far as the health of citizens is concerned, so the time calls for practicing fitness and voicing up for the importance of the same in unison.



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