• Riya Jadhav



Before getting right into the topic, let me ask you a few questions. I want you guys to take a plain paper and a pen and answer the following question in 'yes' or 'no', very frankly.

1)Do you overthink and stress out when you speak in front of the crowd?

2)Do you feel paralyzed when someone you don’t know starts a conversation with you?

3)Do you avoid making eye contact?

4)Do you avoid entering a room full of people?

5)Do you use your great strengths to avoid social gatherings?

6)Do you avoid situations where addressing others is required?

NOW! If the maximum of your answers are 'YES' in here, then you are definitely facing issues with socializing and its indication that now you have to work on a few crucial skillsets that include public speaking.

No problem can be solved completely, not until you understand the roots and pluck it out from the base.

So, let me start with myself here, from the very beginning I used to face difficulties to approach and talk to unknowns, I hated socializing, I choose my writing skills to express myself rather getting involved in talking and was very competent at giving smooth excuses to avoid social gatherings. Staying alone was my kind of safe house. But as time gradually passed and I retained this anti socializing attitude, I started to face issues like I was not too much aware of many things.

I became illiterate when social manners and culture were considered, my relationship with people started to tremble, and my spirits went down, I realized, that in future I might lose all the ties and face trouble if I don’t work on improving this attitude of mine. Understanding why it’s important is the first step I took, basically, it’s the process of learning how to become an enthusiastic part of society, it helps us to matrix professionally. Friends and, Family are the people with whom we have to spend the rest of our life, so keeping the relations lively and healthy is very crucial.

And understand society is important because it provides us with a well-established system and an active platform to work together for the betterment of the world and yourself as an individual.

So, let me list out a few ways for you guys, which personally helped me to show an exit door to social anxiety disorder.


Studies state that a change in lifestyle can positively alter your anxiety levels. So, if you focus on decreasing your anxiety then you can successfully cope with your social phobia. One best thing to do is, get yourself involved in physical activities, add an hour of workout in your daily routine this will increase the production of endorphins which are basically “feel good” hormones and will also keep you fit as a fiddle.


Having too many things on the plate will overwhelm your brain.

As it’s said, “A tired brain is like a machine with minimal fuel”-it will work but not effectively.

So please! Don’t carry a lot of burden on your back and learn to say NO!


I personally hate coffee, but there are people for whom coffee is a life savior- an ultimate solution to all their miseries.

But if you have anxiety-related issues then caffeine is like that one bogus friend of yours who scores max marks in exam and claims he/she didn't study at all. Get rid of both ASAP.

It can escalate your feelings of anxiety and can even trigger panic or anxiety attacks.

Let me be crystal clear here, Coffee DOESN’T CAUSE ANXIETY it just worsens the symptoms of the person who is prone to it.


I can shamelessly tell you guys that this is My personal favorite. Practicing being social goes a very long way, it will help you miraculously to cope with this phobia. You don’t have to leap just go and face your fears with confidence and take baby steps. Avoiding what’s troubling you will only make it worse. Willfully allow yourself to express more. Get involved in conversations around you.

Start from addressing someone you don’t know but you are associated with for e.g. your colleague wishes him/her 'good morning' or ask 'how was your day' or just pass compliments around. Pitch in social gatherings like go on a trip on Sunday with your friends or have a good dinner night with your family and relatives and most important Make efforts to maintain eye contact while speaking.


If you are a person who disgusts invitations to parties, trips, etc. then this hack is for you!


Always prepare, if you don't want to end like Mike or Ross

Get yourself into learning skills like acting, anchoring, street playing, etc. these will develop your communication skills and boost your confidence level.

If you have a party to attend next weekend, start researching the crowd you going to meet. When you reach there, shoot questions at them to start a good conversation. Avoid asking personal questions and also don’t ask those which can be answered in yes or no. Ask engaging questions to build a good and healthy conversation.

So, jest is the more you talk and socialize more comfortable you get and less is the intensity of anxiousness you feel.

By doing this you will feel good about socializing and that's the indication that you successfully passed the most important milestone.


This is not a very rare mental disorder; many others feel the same way as you do, about 1/4th of the population shares this disorder. So you are that one sheep in the heard of many. If you think that your views and opinions will be judged and you will get embarrassed then maybe you are wrong because probably the person you are conversing with is facing the same issues as you.

Now, all the above things I stated can surely help you to fight this mental disorder take it from a person who has tried and tested many ways and shortlisted the most efficacious ones for you.