Indian traditional attire: Gaining it’s lost ground

By: Avriti Jha

There isn’t a country more diverse and colourful than India.  People following various traditions live here, their way of dressing also differ from each other. Due to globalisation changes have occurred in the style of Indian dressing though the history of Indian fashion can be traced back to the Harappan and Mohenjodaro civilisation.

Salwaar Kameez (or commonly known as a suit) - a large number of people had started to think about whether to wear our traditional clothes or follow western trends. Today, youngsters argued that we must go with the flow and taking up new trends is a better option. "People still believe that traditional clothes represent our culture and identity and if we let it go then it will be like discarding our own culture."

With the rise of the influencer culture and westernisation, Indian attires are modernised or westernized according to the trend. The modern version of kameez is known as Kurti, it could be coupled with jeans, pants or churidar. It has taken the form of Indo-western outfit. People in western countries too have started wearing Kurtis.

There were times when Indian women basically wore sarees to showcase the tradition and culture of India. But as soon as the modern era began, the new trend in clothes was introduced that gave new stylish patterns, which underrated sarees. But the styles, patterns changed and as more and more influencers started flaunting their way of wearing a saree, it came back in fashion.

We have a myriad of options available to choose from colour, designs, fabric, and style. Just think of the range of your desired fabrics available such as cotton, georgette, silk, banarasi, chiffon, etc. The multiple embroideries and embellishments on these fabrics add to the regality of an outfit and the style makes clothing in Indian ethnic wear even more fun.

While international fashion trends are more about casual wear clothing, Indian fashion designers have made their mark in the industry with their huge choice of colours, fabric, and ethnic design, which make fashion statements in every celebration and wedding ceremony.

Indian designers make the most vibrant and colourful traditional wear. Whether it is a saree, or a salwar kameez or for that matter a dhoti or a sherwani worn by men, each piece of clothing reflects the rich heritage that India holds within. 

With the emergence of the influencer culture, emerged the craze for designer over the top wedding lehengas, the generation that was smitten by the western casual clothing, suddenly became interested in their traditional attires. Indians living in India and those living abroad, all started flaunting and embracing their attires.

Some of the major traditional attire that has made a comeback is:

Salwaar Kameez - (or commonly known as a suit)

Indian desi attire

Its uniqueness and a wide variety of styling brought it back in trend. In the 90s, suits were only worn in one specific way but as it modernized, salwar kameez now can be worn in various styles and the kameez or Kurti can be worn with skirts, jeans, etc.

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Khadi- (food)

Indian desi attire

The native Indian cloth item which revolutionised during the Indian colonial period is back in trend. Being a very versatile and adaptable fabric, it is being used as the uniform material for certain schools and colleges. Though it is a little expensive, its durability and versatility are remarkable enough to bring it back in trend.

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Nehru Jackets-

Indian desi attire

Coming in different shades, textures and cloth quality, it goes hand in hand with Kurtas and add vibrancy to the whole get up. Mostly popularised by our new prime minister, Nehru jacket helps maintain the culture as well as groom the upcoming generation trendily. It is one of the most trending jackets in today’s time and is the perfect fusion between history and modern elements, it will be trending longer than expected.

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Different fabrics and unique modernised styles of Dhoti is making it popular amongst the youth. In a costume or any special family occasion, Dhotis come with pre-styled Kurtas that when adorned, look astonishingly amazing. The comfort that it provides, its simplicity and traditional touch bring it back in trend. With traditional attires back in trend and on their lost ground, our culture has been redefined and even more popularised.

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