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Hygge: 7 eye-opening principles about Danish obsession

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

By: Srijita Pathak

If you are someone who is browsing internet day in and day out to find the ways to bring your mind to peace but ultimately sleeping with a thought that things are never going to fall in place rightly, then this article quenches your thirst.

Come on board as we take you into the virtual tour of Denmark's cultural philosophy which dons the spiritual clad and brings to the world to witness something surreal.

Whats's the Danish obsession?

Danish philosophy has always been a proponent of modesty. So their obsession for minimalism must not surprise anyone. Better called as 'Hygge' the oxford dictionary defines the term as, ‘quality of cosiness and comfortability' that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.Though the word doesn’t have any direct translation, 'cozy' is the closest term .

How was Hygge derived?

the little book of Hygge
The little book of Danish Obsession

Derived from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the English word “hug.”

In a 1957 “Letter from Copenhagen” in The New Yorker, the writer Robert Shaplen reported that hygge was “ubiquitous” in the city: “The sidewalks are filled with smiling, hyggelige people, who keep lifting their hats to each other and who look at a stranger with an expression that indicates they wish they knew him well enough to lift their hats to him, too.”

The idea of ‘hygge’ is often associated with relaxation, indulgence and gratitude. This concept is given utmost importance in the Danish National Character.

What are our basic takeaways from this Scandinavian concept of ‘hygge’ for you?

Majestic Landscape of Denmark
Majestic Landscape of Denmark

1. It teaches us the life-lesson of focusing on what brings out a better quality of life. It helps reduce extravagance and instead develop a simplistic approach towards life.

2. It preaches the ideal of ‘measured experience’, and not aiming at outright gluttony. The idea of ‘hygge’ focuses on the phrase ‘less is more’ and how minimalistic lifestyle can benefit us.

3. This ideology of ‘hygge’ also emphasizes on ‘mindfulness’ or ‘advertence’. It teaches us to enjoy life even in its trough. It is all about making the mundane tasks of everyday-life enjoyable and worth being ecstatic about.

Danish cheer's as they celebrate unity
Danish cheer's as they celebrate unity

4. Unity has predominantly been an important component in the Danish culture, among the close-knit members of their group. They have always embedded a close niche’ of their close ones to maintain healthy relationships.

5. They pay a lot of importance to ‘reciprocity’ and the idea of giving back to the society and the ones indebted to you. They preach the values of kindness and altruism and consider them important components of an individual’s personality.

A loving Danish Family
A loving Danish Family

6. Being ‘cheerful’ and happy with what you have is also an important aspect of ‘hygge’. It focuses on being satiated and contented within a simplistic life.

7. This idea of ‘hygge’ also pays great importance to the upliftment of their own culture and cultural aestheticism. They usually engage in production of handicrafts and bakery products in order to promote their self-dependency.

There have been various opinions by authors around the globe upon this idea of ‘hygge’.

Author Helen Russel defines it as, ‘taking pleasure in the presence of gentle soothing things.

Author Signe Johnson calls it, ‘healthy hedonism’.

The idea of ‘hygge’ has also often been associated with the season and spirit of winter. It is said to provide warmth, cosiness which is attained from consumption of desserts and staying indoors in the winter months.

‘Hygge’ is not always considered to be materialistic aspect of life, it basically denotes to what is comfortable for an individual. The medical practitioners among the Danish people also recommend ‘hygge’ as means of betterment.

This principle of ‘hygge’ about the Danish culture provides us with a way of life which is simplistic and takes pleasure in the minimalistic perspective. It helps develop a peace-of-mind within our community and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Time to think?

We all talk about American Dream which is all about materialistic love but at the same time we must feed our mind that we are going to be buried in the same graveyard irrespective of how rich we are till our last breath. Signing off with a very famous quote which goes "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

Have a great day!

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