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How to stop fighting with parents?

You don’t understand anything!’, ‘Leave me alone!’, ‘You never like anything I do!’ and several more statements like this are everyday occurrence as children keep on fighting with their parents. Fighting with one’s parents is nothing uncommon in any household.

Misunderstandings, grudges, conflict in interest and many more reasons why these fights keep on happening. But often we can say and receive pretty hurtful words without meaning them and the impact those words create can be drastic. It is in our nature to fight with others when something doesn’t go the way we expect it to but that does not mean you should be fighting with your parents because of every other inconvenience.

Here are the points on how to stop fighting with your parents!


It’s not only our parents’ job to understand us, but as their children try to understand your parents too. We as kids think that our parents never understand us and that’s is why they scold us or stop us from doing certain things. Rather than thinking and lashing out at them and saying hurtful things to your parents take a moment and think why they might be saying the things. Your parents have been through your age they know what is good for you and what can cause problems. Yes, even though you must have heard these thousands of times even from your parents themselves but as you grow old you understand how much weight these words hold.

Stop nagging with parents


Getting everything before us without working for them we often forget to be considerate and thankful for whatever our parents do for us. Throughout our childhood and even a few years into our adult age, our parents provide us with everything without asking and we don’t even have to ask for them sometimes. So before you go shouting at your parents about anything consider what they do for you without any complaint. They work day and night to provide you and give you a comfortable life, you don’t have to be grateful for what they provide you but be considerate and think twice before going haywire.


Don’t scream, talk. Talking and communicating your problems and misunderstanding is one way to avoid arguments. If you feel like what you want to say and do is not being approved for any reason rather than launching into an argument to prove your point, calm down, breath and talk to them. Tell them what is that you really want and why you want that? Show them the perspective you are seeing from.

Sit them down and have a full conversation with them, you will be surprised but they will most probably understand once they see the reasons and your love behind the action you want to take. Make it a habit to talk to your parents not only when you want something, they will always appreciate the bare minimum effort you put into making your relationship good.

Stop nagging with parents

Value your situation

Learn to value the situation and atmosphere you live in. If you were born and bought up by a family that loves you, you are already getting what many yearn for. Yes, all families have their own problem and fight between family members is inevitable.

But you have no idea how some children are wishing each night to get parents that don’t always fight and scream at each other, parents that are not alcoholically destroying their family, parents who are not abusive and will just accept them as who they are. If you have not faced any of these in your life, it is a sign that you are blessed. So, value what you get and the environment you have unknown to you, your life is already the best you can ask for.

Your parents love and adore you and always want the best for you, as the law of nature: not every situation will always be ideal but going a little extra to avoid the argument with your parents is your choice to value and respect them for everything they have done for you.

Stop nagging with parents

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