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How to keep yourself focused on the vision you have set?

Is your schedule dominated by your deadlines?

Does it feel like you are moving mountains when in reality the results are bare minimum?

With these sets of questions this time, let’s delve into ways to focus yourself into the visions you want to realize. Tardiness and impassioned completion of work is always associated with a 9 to 5 job and there's every possible method out there that may help you cope with that sort of workload; however what about the projects and ideas you started with much vigor and abandoned later?

Yes, I’m talking about that one project you thought about and never touched again.


Consistency defines your work-style as well as your creative process. From the moment you decide your goal, your consistency guides how long and disciplined your road to success will be.

So, take a moment, detach from your excitement, and think about your decisions like a layman. Then forget about it and reassess what you've thought of again. This process of finalizing and decision-making will not only rule out any superficiality in your motives but will also make sure that your normal self is not bored or fatigued by the decisions your excited self makes. Consistency is imbibed when you adhere to such patience as you will never get disinterested in your goals.


If you talk to any of your friends who recently stepped into the corporate world, they will assure you one thing - their jobs require hardly 25-30% of their academic studies, everything else is just people.

How you engage with people and the number of connections you make is what is important, they will say.

Although interaction is an important aspect, there is no famous businessperson who undermined the talents of their workforce.

To quote Robin Sharma from his great blog (give it a read here) -

A job’s only a job when seen as a job. See your job as your craft. And your chance to leave your mark on the world.

If your goal is just a well-paid job regardless of specification, you might see any craft in it but if you have a vision that guides you, take the time to excel to persevere in the long run.

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Early rise

Open your favorite business guide and you’ll find the importance of waking up early in every single one of them. As much as our millennial and Gen-z minds have made insomnia the new normal, a proper sleep schedule is a basic health requirement. As mentioned in an earlier blog why we should have a long term vision in 2020. A daily routine is a good step towards developing discipline. Don't hesitate to try and wake up early in the morning, and get your mind fresh and ready for the day that comes ahead.


What do the devil and success are said to have in common? They lie in the details. Fixating on your goal and committing to it is followed by the most tiresome part of your journey to happiness, the actual work. The more you plan and differentiate your work, the easier it is to get done with it within the time limits you have set. Include any important details while planning for the future so that you can assess your problems beforehand and be ready for them. This level of organisation and detail will eventually seep into your professional behaviour and work in favour of you.

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What are you waiting for? Get to focusing!

Thank you for reading!

Do comment your thoughts below on what else can be included to have a better focus for succeeding in life.

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