How Tibet became a victim of Chinese aggression?


Tibet's Unfortunate annexation 

While India was embracing the taste of freedom from the 200 years of authoritarian governance by the British colonial rule, a neighboring country which shared border with India was forced to dig the graves of humanity, democracy, and freedom by the Chinese expansionist regime. If you were born in Tibet in the mid-20th century, then apparently you would have experienced nightmares unfolding in front of your eyes.

The takeover of Tibet in 1950's propaganda films
The takeover of Tibet in 1950's propaganda films

A sense of fear was instilled among the people who were untimely rooted away from their own soil.

While China claims that Tibet has been a part of its territory for 800 years, however, history reveals that in 1912, the 13th Dalai Lama- Tibet's political and spiritual leader issued a proclamation reaffirming the state's independence after the end of Qing dynasty. With its own national flag, currency, stamps, and passport, it also signed International treaties and maintained diplomatic relations with neighboring countries stamping its authority over the territory.

In 1951, with 40,000 Chinese troops, the Communist Party of China forced the government to sign the 'Seventeen point agreement' which promised to protect the indigenous ethnicity and political system. However, it was far from reality as the citizens were brutalized and terrorized. Facts unleash that large scale severe killings of the innocent civilians were illegally practiced by the military. Eventually, on the 10th of March, 1959, 30,000 Tibetans surrounded the Potala Palace to offer to protect the Dalai Lama from the Chinese ruthlessness.

What is Tibet Autonomous Region?

Revolt by the Tibetans
Revolt by the Tibetans

China argues that Tibet Autonomous Region (T.A.R) is a territory that completely belongs to Tibetans where they can practice and propagate their culture in a free manner. But the ground reality is suggestive of the fact that the destruction of monasteries and deaths of one million local residents in Mao's era is what the Chinese interpret as the meaning of Freedom.

Moreover, adding to the apathy as the T.A.R communist party Secretary has always been occupied by a China since its inception.

The plight of Tibetans

What can be a major shot in the argument against China's love for the annexed territory is that the economic development the region has only favored the million-dollar firms of China indicating a sign of hate for the local inhabitants of the captured territory.

Mass immigration of the Chinese workers, Chinese tourism coupled with accessing rich local resources has largely alienated the inhabitants of the region. The booming tourism industry aims to legitimize the Chinese governments' occupation.

China's Dominance
China's Dominance

Millions of local nomads have been forced to live a life of hell ending their century-old way of life and leaving them dependent on the state as second- class citizens in their own country. Education is primarily taught in Chinese creating disparity for the people of the state who can only learn their mother tongue as a second language.

Reports state that since March 2011, more than 150 people have set themselves on fire inside the region in protest against China’s suppression.

Tibetans spread all across the world have relentlessly raised their voice in all international forums calling attention of the United Nations to intervene and save Tibet from the atrocities.

The United Nations has repeatedly challenged China on gross human rights abuses in the invaded region. It concluded Tibet as the worst area for child malnutrition in China.

China's illegitimate control over Tibet's territory

Despite 70 years of occupation, the rigid government of China have thrown a blind eye to the resistance movement for independence.  

Tibet treasures a rich history allowing it to possess a unique culture, language, religion for centuries lending an argument in favor of its independence from the administrative fiasco.

The International institution must turn their eyes and lend an ear towards the misery of the Tibetans whose future remains gloomy.

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