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How Responsible Am I?

Rate yourself!

What's the significance here to be dependable?

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to need to be mindful?

How might I be more dependable?

Rate yourself!

I'm . . . continuously, more often than not, at times, or never

  • legitimate

  • trustworthy

  • prompt

  • productive

  • methodical

  • accommodating

  • reasonable

  • aware

  • mindful

Which of those characteristics is your most grounded?

Keep doing awesome area.​— “Any rate to the extent we have made progress that is go on working orderly in the same course”

Which quality do you need to chip away at most?

The accompanying data will assist you with improving around there.

What's the significance here to be dependable?

Dependable individuals satisfy their commitments at home, at school, and locally. They perceive that they are responsible for their activities. So when they commit an error, they let it be known, apologize, and endeavor to present appropriate reparations.

"Every one will convey his own load."​

For what reason would it be advisable for me to need to be mindful?

A dependable individual uses their abilities shrewdly and is bound to be held in high regard, dealt with like a grown-up, and allowed opportunities and advantages.

"Have you observed a man handy in his work? Before lords is the place where he will station himself."​—Proverb

A capable individual is normally liberal and is bound to appreciate fulfilling kinships.

"Work on giving, and individuals will provide for you."​

A capable individual feels a feeling of achievement and legitimate pride, which fabricates their fearlessness.

"Let every one demonstrate what his own work is, and afterward he will have cause for celebration concerning himself alone."​

How might I be more dependable?

To help answer that question, take a gander at the accompanying assertions. Which ones best depict how you feel?

"It's disappointing to be dealt with like a child who can't be away for an hour without checking in with Mommy and Daddy!"​—Kethi

"My folks typically permit me to go out with my companions with no hassle."​—Richar

"At the point when I take a gander at different children my age and see what they can do, I think: 'Amazing! For what reason don't my folks let me do that?'"​—Anni

"My folks essentially let me do what I need. I'm grateful to them for giving me the opportunity that I have."​—Marie

The reality: Some youngsters are allowed more opportunity than others. What can have the effect?

Unavoidable truth: The degree of opportunity you are conceded is regularly dictated by the measure of trust you have acquired.

For instance, consider what two of the youngsters cited before need to say.

Richa. "At one time my parents were wary of my capacity to deal with opportunity. However, they trust me now since I have utilized my opportunity dependably. I don't mislead my folks about where I'm going or whom I'm going with. Truth be told, I generally mention to my folks what I'm up to without their asking me."

Marie: "I misled my folks multiple times for what seems like forever, and I got captured multiple times. Starting there, I have been straightforward with my folks. For instance, I generally give them insights concerning what I'm doing, and afterward I look at them when I'm. Presently they have significantly more

trust in me."

What do you put first​—errands or diversion?

Might you want to be dealt with more like Richa and Marie? At that point investigate yourself in the accompanying regions:


Do you dependably finish your relegated tasks?

Do you hold fast carefully to your check in time?

Do you treat your folks and kin with deference?

Which of those focuses, assuming any, do you need to chip away at?