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How much do you weigh? A dive into self-worth

Disclaimer :

As much as I would live to give away free advice that would help you and instantly make your lives better, I am not a medical professional and if you are having any trouble with your body, mind or you just want to talk; Consult a medical professional!

The normalisation of using ‘disorder’ or ‘depression’ has not solved the actual problem, only trivialised it.

So, how much do you weigh?

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The answer to the question lies in the type of scale you use. Are you measuring the kilos you’ve lost or put on? Or the amount of things you’ve accomplished so far?

How often do you associate your poor physical health with a bad self image and vice versa?

I will take the liberty to write that most of us have a strained, if not devastating, relationship with our physical health and mental health. Expecting someone to manage the strain of their everyday lives (especially in 2020), their mental health, their physical health and their self-image seems like too much burden for one person.

Only if we could hire social media managers to look after our self-image.

So, where are we messing up? What is it that we can do to get the body we want without putting the mental strain of being ‘not enough’, ‘lethargic’?

My guess as a layperson would be : the relation we build between a certain ‘ideal’ body type and our self-worth.

Your physical appearance is not an absolute measure of your worth as a person. Period.

The journey towards feeling your best self is not the same for everyone.

Since we have experienced different lives, there are different things we excel at, have access to and can afford to complete successfully. Assess what things contribute towards making a productive and healthy day in your life and make time for the same. Inculcating these habits in your routine and dedicatedly investing your time into them, will surely pay off.

Many industries, especially concerning weight loss, exploit the vulnerability and naivety of their target customers to market their questionable products.

So possibly avoid quick solutions and respect the grind!


In 2018, Jameela Jamil launched a social media campaign as a response to a photo posted showing the Kardashians and Jenners along with their weight.

Many people were shocked with the crude representation of a couple of women just by their weight, as if they have nothing else to their name.

While the Kardashian name doesn't ring a bell with talent and they often advertise products leading people to an unhealthy ‘ideal’ body type, what appalled Jameela is the number of young people whose views were going to be distorted to think that having a certain body is their only worth.

To any impressionable mind, this can be a hard hitting blow that might take them away from their interests in actual hobbies and learning new skills.

The i_weigh campaign had one simple goal : to measure yourself in more than a weight scale. The relations you have built, the skills you have finished and the personality you have developed will always be more worth than the number on the scale.

In her own words, i_weigh is a campaign - "For us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are, and look beyond the flesh on our bones."

The results of the campaign left everyone emotional, as people came out with their stories and it truly showed how much human beings weigh.

You can check out the Instagram handle here.

One strong argument one might put up against this is - Is it ok to just not try then? If everyone is going to feel good about themselves, let's just throw health concerns out of the window!

READ AGAIN : "For us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are, and look beyond the flesh on our bones."

Nowhere does it imply that we shouldn't try to be our best self, but being our best self is not really possible if there is always an external force trying to tell you that you do not fit in the weight bracket.

planning, self-image, self-worth, self-growth, focus, passion, body positivity, ideal body type, self development, goals,

Make sure that your journey towards your ideal body does not leave your self-worth in shambles.

If a self-care routine is what you need, go ahead!


Remember the external force mentioned above? For us Indians, this external force is our beloved stereotypical aunties.

At the roots of the judgemental funny character are the older women, who simply love to shred apart whatever happiness self-care routines gave you. Know that shallow comments and snarky taunts will hurt you but you can overcome that.

It is quite a mystery whether they appeared out of thin air to make you hate yourself or that the systemic vicious cycle of being likable and dependent on the patriarchal society molded them to hate anything out of the norm, empowering, and ‘non-traditional’.

Oh, the mysteries we will never be able to answer…

Coming back to our self-worth conversation, I guess we can ignore the comments from anyone except people in our safe space.


Talks on body positivity, ideal body types and health are not new. In fact, there is enough information out there to send you into an endless spiral of jargon, that might even seem medically relevant.

However, stay away from self-assessing yourself by simply a list of symptoms.

Keep your focus on the things you want and ignore any unwanted information that will further distract you from your goal or make you question them.

Remember that there is no competition among the workouts, diets etc you follow. You do not have to be an unsolicited lab rat and try out endless methods.

Just fix your goals, plan accordingly and don’t stop!

planning, self-image, self-worth, self-growth, focus, passion, body positivity, ideal body type, self development, goals


Do I have to explain?

Especially with half of 2020 down the lane, social media is the only ‘social’ left in our lives, but are we giving away too much time to the meetings and calls?

It is slightly horrifying that the dystopian picture with everyone in separate pods and hinged to technology is becoming reality.

So make sure that your real life is not being distorted by virtual interactions and keep the peace intact in your lives by detaching from social media.

So, how much do you weigh? Let us know in the comments!

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