• Thanushree Anil

How long would it take for the society to accept that mental health of men is not a joke ?

It's all the same, starts right from childhood, and continues to adulthood. The stigma of mental health in men is nothing new.

A man, the definition of toughness, fearlessness, and many more traits that are considered to be macho. In a society where we have started acknowledging LGBTQ, patriarchy and so many prejudices that humans have been facing, why is the mental health of men especially ignored?

Women have come forth, they are given platforms, the recent black and white challenge was to empower and acknowledge what was happening to women in Turkey, some women chose it as a challenge to throw support for the women who supported her, the women who have been with her.

When did the tears flowing from the tear ducts of men which is completely normal on a physical body and completely senseless for the society?


Men who cry are cowards.

Men who cry aren’t men.

Men who cry are weak.

It’s not even about crying, a softness, liking the color pink, liking things which are defined girly by society. Indulging with something that is outside of the stereotypes set by the society is considered to be not manly.

Men are people, they are humans, if they want to cry as a baby let them!

If they cry at the tragic ending of a movie, let them!


Every human does function and are wired differently but we still do have the same chemicals and glands in our brain, so why is it that it isn’t still normal to talk about men showing a side of softness.

Imagine living in a box for your entire life and if you show one emotion and you fall out of the box, the society has fed you stories with the devil and all evil, but what if you fall and you reach another dimension of acceptance, a parallel world where its okay to show some emotions and nobody is there to judge you.

Generations and generations of talking, fighting, protesting, and what not, almost all the women are living a better life than their ancestors. Women are thriving, loving, and supporting each other.

What about the generation and generations of fathers teaching their sons,’Men/boys do not cry’.

‘Boys do not cry’, who generated this idea in the human mind? Nobody knows. Not even google.

The one who instigated is well below 6ft and doesn’t even have a jaw to smirk at the people who endorsed this toxicity and carried it on for years.

The world is changing, apart from climate change and the pandemic threatening to end humanity, our society is getting instilled on ideas and concepts that were once considered as a taboo.

How long would it take for society to accept and normalize the mental health of men is not a joke.

The world collectively realized that its high time that men’s mental health issues be considered a serious issue when Hollywood celebrities like Will Smith and Kanye West had their breakdowns and memes were made on them.

Their tears and mental health were made into a joke because ofcourse the macho man never gets any feelings or emotions. They should be strong as a stone with cold hard eyes not batting an eye to mental health because hey! macho men don’t face any mental health issues. Macho men are all sorted out.


The society includes you, if you take a step to come out of the box, to fall out of the box there are a hundred million helping hands to guide you through anything. We may be alone in the universe until we find proof but we aren’t alone on the planet.

The air, the water, the land are all in touch with us and we transact with the universe through every single second. Not for one second, you are alone.

In a report by the world health organization (WHO) around 450 million people suffer from mental illness and only two-third of them seek help. It affects one in four people.

How should we put a stop to it?

The environment that we are living in is a replication of what we think and act. A change in you will automatically cause an effect in society. Like a single butterfly’s flap of the wings could cause a tornado somewhere else. In a way, everything is linked.

Toxic comments like

‘Men don’t cry’

‘You should be strong because you are a man’

‘Men should have beards’