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How can teenagers boost their self-esteem?

Narcissistic. Self-absorbed. Detached from reality. Insensitive towards actual problems and aloof from the ground reality. What imagery does your mind create? Is it a teenager, clicking selfies with animated expressions?

It seems to have become a textbook definition for older generations; just like fish swim and birds fly, teenagers are self-absorbed and full of ego. They constantly rely on social media to boost their self-esteem.

What they hide from you is that they were once teenagers. They were the rebellious youth that didn't care enough and was frowned upon. They were also a group of young people finding themselves and trying to build their self-esteem. Although, these labels given by adult seem upsetting and untrue, it is absolutely normal to have lower self-esteem in your teens and to engage in activities and active decisions that drive your life across an important turn.

So, instead of rolling your eyes at the boomers , here’s some things you can do to boost your self-esteem.

You can't please everyone

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The relations you build in your teenage are often the most remarkable as

they are the first as independent personalities. Being given a choice to develop your own tastes and personalities can be quite overwhelming and scary; especially when you want to be friends with everyone and there is no one you want to upset. Introspect your relationships periodically and put yourself before others as trying to gain everyone's favor and trying to please everyone's varied interests might be hurtful in the long run. Concentrate on yourself and what you represent.

Find yourself and don't be ashamed of it

As portrayed in popular media, a bunch of 15 year olds seem to be completely confident and in-charge of their lives, so much so that even the adults around them treat them as their own person. (looking at you, Gossip Girl and Riverdale) but any real-life 15-year old would tell you, that's not how it goes down at all.

At 15, very few have a clear, fixed road ahead of them. Everyone else is just winging it; as they should be. Never distort your view of life on the basis of unrealistic portrayals, take the time you need to find yourself and all aspects of your personality. You will stumble, make some wrong moves and account for them; but it will be a part of your character arc, helping you grow and become wiser and maybe write articles for more teenagers.

Give yourself a pat on the back

The biggest reasons why teenagers seem to lack self-esteem and crave attention is because of the lack of appreciation and love. Check out an interesting article involving the same issue here. Numerous studies show that love and acceptance in teenagers can go a long way in building confidence and social outreach.

Therefore, regardless of others showing you that love, make sure to compliment yourself for any personal victory!

Did you hydrate yourself today? Good job! Did you finally beat your anxiety and presented a little something? Cool!

Definitions of accomplishments are different for everyone and sometimes the adults around you will fail to understand you and might not be able to be there for you. Self-appreciation will not replace their presence but it will surely keep you hanging in there and make you a little stronger.

Engage in routines

Teenage is truly a time of unexpected changes and just a mess of a storm of things happening at the same time. With so much going on, how is one expected to sleep soundly like a baby?

What comes with teenage is sleeping like a teenager i.e not sleeping much.

It is important to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.

In recent years, a majority of the young population has started using skin-care routines to unwind and relax from the usual hustle of life.

With a side-effect of a glowing skin, who wouldn't want to feel their best and most confident self with only a good face routine?

Express yourself

What do you think when you see someone speak their mind and lead a crowd? You admire the confidence, the self-assurance and you wish you had it too. What does it really take to speak up with so much conviction that the next person has no other option but to listen to what you have to say? It takes only saying it out loud.

You do not know the difference your thoughts can kick off until they are expressed.

Maybe not the first time, not the second time either, but there will be a time, your ideas will be readily accepted and it will not happen unless you start expressing yourself one way or another.

As vague these ‘activities’ might seem, they will surely go a long way in building your esteem.

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